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Airtricity Thieving Scoundrels Making Sustainable Living Impossible

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Have you ever had a call to your door from a young foreign worker telling you about the marvelous work that Airtricity is doing to make the world a Greener place? And to make energy production more sustainable?  They might even criticise the ESB for their "dirty" and "outdated" production methods.


Well, what you might not hear is that Airtricity farms out this door to door selling to gombeen agencies, who pay these young workers €250 a week for a 60 hour week, for the first three weeks, and then forces them to work completely for commission.  If they sell nothing, they get paid nothing. How is this helping to create a sustainable world?  And needless to say, since Airtricity are using slave labour, it makes it very difficult for decent companies like the ESB (which has been forced by EU tyranny to waste millions on changing its name to "Electricity Ireland") to pay their workers properly and still stay "competitive," which, according to EU tyranny, they must. This is the very opposite to sustainable energy.


Besides which, the windmills that are appearing, like a dirty plague, across the face of Ireland, are not in any way sustainable.  They are nothing more than a scam to take money from the taxpayer, and give it to sham companies like Airtricity and to landowners who rent out their land for the windmills. Energy sources are evaluated according to what is called Energy Return On Investment (EROI).  A barrel of conventional oil gives an EROI of about 70:1.  In other words, for every one barrel of oil invested in getting oil, we get 70 barrels back.  In the 1950s, that was about 150:1, which meant extremely cheap energy for humanity, and gave a certain type of society.  Prehistotic hunter-gatherers got an EROI of about 10:1. So for every joule of energy they expended, they got 10 back.  That allowed a much poorer standard of living than the oil society.  Well, what about windmills?  Windmills barely give an EROI of 1:1.  Yes, for every one joule of energy you invest, you barely get that one joule back. Windfarms wouldn't even give us the standard of living of the cavemen.


And to top it all, windfarms are actually the dirtest form of energy possible - far worse than nuclear. The windmills depend of neodymium magnets, nearly all of which come from one city in China.  Neodymium is found together with radioactive Thorium.  What do the Chinese do? They just dump the radioactive material in a huge open lake of radioactive sludge.  The local children and animals are dying, but the factories don't care, and Airtricity cares even less. Please read the article below.  It makes for shocking reading.


So, whoever you get your electricity from, please do not get it from Airtricity - a vile gang of scoundrels, shams, thieves and liars.





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