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Easter Resistance by POWs, Roe 3 landing in Maghaberry

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On Easter Sunday the 5/04/15 on the 99th anniversary of the Easter Rising, Cogús POWs along with our Cabhair POW comrades on the Roe 3 landing in Maghaberry jail occupied the canteen area situated within Roe House in resistance against the jail administration's attempts to prevent Republican Prisoners from commemorating and remembering those who have unselfishly given their lives in the struggle for national liberation.


Republican POWs while proudly wearing their Easter lilys, decorated the canteen area with Easter lily and signatory canvasses. In a planned and organised day of activities which included a commemorative event followed by documentaries focused on Irish Freedom and prison struggle, then ending with sporting activities and competitions. The commemorative event consisted of the reading of both Cogús POW and Cabhair POW Easter statements respectively, followed by the oration of the 1916 proclamation. A Republican POW, along with his comrades following suit resided Amhran na bhfiann, this was an emotive experience for all the POWs involved.


The rest of the days activities followed suit until Republican POWs called faoi ghlas anois at 5.30 pm. Once Republican POWs on Roe 3 had been locked in our cells prison screws accompanied by their S.O called to each cell notifying each POW that they were now charged with wearing an Easter lily. The response given was that Republican POWs were proud to be wearing their Easter lilys and proud to be remembering those who died for Irish Freedom.


Republican POWs at all times will maintain their discipline and integrity in the face of British attempts to criminalise and devalue the Republican struggle and those imprisoned by the British state, any attempts at preventing us from honouring our fallen revolutionaries will be resisted in full using measures of our own choosing.


Going forward Republican POWs will continue our resistance and pursuit of our political objectives, continuing to conduct ourselves in the manner with which Republican POWs have done throughout the history of prison struggle.


United in resistance - Forward in the struggle.


Beir bua

Roe 3 POWs



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