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Lugh Ildánach

Spring Homebrewing Update!

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Our Chardonnay has been very popular and has now sold out, although we have another batch on which will be ready in about 10 days or so. Same story with our red wine, which was gozzled up hardly before it was out of the bucket!!!!


We have brewed a ginger beer and have plenty of it left. Its only about 3.5%, but its very refreshing, perfect for a summer drink.


We also have Stout, Apple/pear cider and Pilsner available, and we are aiming to keep ourselves continuously supplied with these as they have been our most popular by far. There is also some stock of Winter Beer and Bitter left over from Christmas, as it kinda got taken over by the more popular ones, although if nobody wants to order it, then it always makes good refreshment for CDC garden workers!


Just a reminder that contributions of 5 Euro are requested for 6 big bottles (or 9 small bottles where we have these) of beer or cider, or 5 Euro for 2 bottles of wine. You can of course pick and mix as you want!


We have also started offering large batches of beer/cider/wine for anyone who has an event where they need more than just a couple of bottles. The idea inspired by the fact that the brewing committee has two communions and a wedding to attend in the next month or so!!! So, we're offering whole batches (or even half batches) of any of our products (or indeed we can try new ones) at cost price. All we ask in return is an hour or two of your time to help bottle the batch when its finally ready. That way we truly get rid of any commodification (at least on our part), provide a really affordable amount of alcohol for parties/communions/weddings etc, and at the same time allows people to see for themselves just how easy the process is by joining in!


Just to give you a rough idea of prices, it costs about 20-25 Euro for a batch of beer or cider and about 40 Euro for a batch of wine, although the costs vary from batch to batch. We can do half-batches as well, with the other half of the batch going in to our regular circulation. Batches are usually between 20-23 litres, you usually get at least 40 bottles of beer or cider and just short of 30 bottles of wine in a batch.


There are some which are ready much quicker than others, but others can take 6 or more weeks from start to finish, so the more notice that people can give us, the more options are available.

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