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The day was beautiful with a Spring clear in the sky. Sackville St was a buzz with shoppers and traders busy with their daily errands and oblivious to the legacy that was unfolding before their very eyes.


Few people paid attention to the armed Volunteers and the Irish Citizen Army men who had strategically taken over strong points throughout Dublin.


On that fine day, at a few minutes past noon, Monday, 24th April, 1916, Padraíg Pearse walked out among the mighty pillars of the GPO. In his hand was a large sheet of paper, inscribed with the lettering that was about to shape the course of Irish history for generations to come.


Padraíg Pearse, fully clad in a grey-green uniform and slouched hat, read aloud this large hastily printed Proclamation against the backdrop of the General Post Office, thus proclaiming an Irish Republic Sovereign Independent State, singed on behalf of the Provisional Government Of The Irish Republic.







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