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Guest Felix Rourke

More well-meaning dupes!!

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Guest Felix Rourke

This would be funny if it weren't so tragic. The futility of it all. Like the Green Party mashed together with Occupy Dame Street!


Civil disobedience with a difference - planting trees

Today the
NAMA To Nature
group struck again. This time in Cherrywood industrial estate, Dublin near the Luas line. In an act of civil disobedience a group of 12 people in business suits started planted trees this morning at 7am on an area of wasteland beside the Luas track along the edges and ridges to help shield the eyesore from the nearby apartment block part of which is a ghost estate.


Ireland has over 600 ghost estates and 40,000 empty dwellings. Rather than watch the government dither and procrastinate let's help nature take them back.

The group was only formed a few weeks ago and last Thurs they released the press release below.


**** Press Release *****


March 22nd 2012


We have received an overwhelmingly positive response since news of our activity on ‘The Waterways’ Keshcarrigan, in Co. Leitrim came to light. It seems that we have tapped into a widespread desire to act in the face of inaction.


The state has fallen short of addressing many of the deep problems we face. People feel let down. In these circumstances it is right and proper for civil society to generate creative action.


Anyone who sees the devastation that ‘The Waterways’ has wrought on its environment can easily see that planting trees represents real improvement. The ‘ghost estates’ are a symbol of past mistakes. There remains a pronounced lack of transparency on the issue and even a democratic deficit. The planting of trees offers one positive response.


There remains a short window in the season for us to plant on similarly tarnished ground, and in response to the positive reaction we have decided, as a group, to fit one last planting day in. We hope to identify a suitable site in the days to come.


We also hope to develop an ongoing discussion with the community of Keshcarrigan, in relation to ‘The Waterways’ site, with the particular aim of helping to clear and make safe the site.


Lastly, we are a group that has taken an initiative not an organisation as such. We hope that other people will be inspired to improve the ‘ghost estates’ within their own communities. Planting trees is a peaceful and positive action. We hope that all actions will be undertaken in this spirit.


To follow the NamatoNature initiative please go to https://www.facebook.com/namatonature





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Guest Connolly

A pretty futile action. Sure these places will be levelled or finished at some stage.


It sounds to me like hippie lifestyle activism at its best.


Also, trees are bloody expensive!! Unless they are taking snips from existing trees and growing them that way.

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Guest Felix Rourke

One comment below on indymedia pointed out the fact that most the trees probably won't even survive in the area they've planted them!



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Guest Scáthach

"I think that flowers are something inherently disgusting. I mean, are people aware what a horrible thing these flowers are? I mean, basically it's an open invitation to all insects and bees, "Come and screw me," you know? I think that flowers should be forbidden to children."


-Slavoj Zizek


Why cant revolutionaries like trees and flora :wacko:


serously though, this group seems to be made up of a bunch of middle class plebs who think that doing this is a valid way to contribute to the community

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