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Reports from the Libyan Green Resistance

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A Misrata militia kidnapped a boy and tortured him to death. His family found him with horrific injuries. This is the daily reality of "democratic" Libya. Really, you are better not to watch this video, I only post it in case anyone still has any doubt about the murderous nature of Anglo-Saxon imperialism, and how necessary it is to support the Syrian state against this Holocaust.



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Lizzie Phelan reports that when King Rat, Jalil, attempted to visit Sirte, a couple of days ago, he was met by women and children firing on him and he had to beat a hasty retreat.


Meanwhile, in the South East, the Tourags have expelled the rats from most of their territories. The Green Resistance is now in control of most of the city of Sebha. The Green Resistance continues to hold Bani Walid.


Tripoli airport has been closed for a couple of days because of the rats fighting among themselves over control of the airport. Each of the rat gangs want control of the airport, as they impose their own private "tax" on all goods and monies coming in or out of the airport.


Long Live the Green Resistance!




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Sabha: violent clashes between Toubou’s tribe and NTC-mercenaries (Eng/Ita +6 Video)


Posted on March 28, 2012 by libyanfreepress | Leave a comment



Sabha: In the last few hours there have been violent clashes between loyalists resistant fighters belonging to the tribe of Toubou and NTC-mercenaries.


Some of the NATO-mercenaries commanders were neutralized , including rats Kardaui Ali, Belkacem Messaud, Bachir El Hasnaoui.


Also seriously injured rats Khaled Aboubakr and Ibrahim El Hasnaoui.



The fighting is still ongoing, while NATO warplanes flying over the city of Sabha and loud explosions are heard throughout the area.


Do not know yet exactly the balance of the battle, but the casualties among NATO mercenaries are heavy.



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Renewed clashes between Libyan militias, 26 dead


Published: 04 April, 2012, 18:00




Zuwarah fighters load their ammunitions on April 4, 2012 on the front line after clashes the day before between Zuwarah fighters and neighbouring villages in western Libya (AFP Photo / Imed Lamloum)


At least 26 people have been killed as violence flares up once again in the western Libyan town of Zwara.


This comes after tensions sparked over the weekend between the Arab-majority town of Ragdalein and the Berber-dominated town of Zwara, about 110 kilometers west of the capital Tripoli.


The violence is fuelled by deep-rooted animosity between the neighbors, who took different sides in Libya's civil war that toppled Muammar Gaddafi last year.


The clashes had escalated by Tuesday, with militia groups opening tank and artillery fire on each other. At least 22 people died in the fighting.


The National Transitional Council (NTC), which took power after Gaddafi's capture and killing in October, has struggled to stamp its authority on the country and rein in the myriad armed groups that helped defeat the Colonel's forces but have refused to disarm.


These local rivalries threaten to divide Libya along tribal and regional lines.




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The above article shows the racist nature of the Nato rats and their so called "rebellion." This was clear to everyone with a brain, from the very start - but assholes like the "Irish Anti-War Movement" (what a joke) jumped in straight away and demanded that the racist lynch mobs be recognised as the legitimate government and armed and funded.

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Libyan Resistance, War News, 12 April 2012 –


Posted on April 12, 2012 by libyanfreepress




Tripoli: Abu Salim – after careful planning, followed by very large and successful operation, the Resistance fighters captured mercenaries rats, including Italians. All of them are alive, and right now they are in jail.


In the middle of the capital, between the Park and the area Al′nasser Benasur serious clashes occurred on monday, and as a result several of the participants were injured.


On the coast has been found the body of a young girl with a head cut-off and the another body of a young man. Before NATO intervention, Libya was considered very favourable country for tourism, with extremely low crime rates.


Over the city yesterday there were military aircraft.


Now come a report about the fall of military aircraft, Mirage, in the metropolitan area, close to Ben-Gasiru. The cause of the fall was the Green Resistance.


AZ-Zawiya: on Monday the city was bombed by the fighters on the Central and coastal areas. As a result of a half-dozen rats were neutralized.


Currently there are violent clashes, near the OIL REFINERY, Al-Zawiya.

Resistance keeps battle with rats.


Bani Walid (13 km. south): clashes took place between the members of the so-called “national (rat) army” and local Resistance fighters, about 13 kilometres south of the city. These clashes resulted in the neutralization of two rat-traitors. The reason for the clashes was unknown until now.


Tarhuna:the building of the People’s Congress, in the morning raised the green flag. In addition, flags of the Great Jamahiriya raised at the local college, as well as the free area of the city.


Sabha: explosions in the area of Mansea yesterday.


Several buildings burning, clash with heavy and medium weapons, fighting sounds are heard in the suburbs of the city.

Murzuk: crash of air military helicopters belonging to the NTC-rats in the city of Murzuk. The official reason for the crash is a “technical fault”. The helicopter was carrying 25 people and a number of officials.


Benghazi: source in the Arab News reported that a UN convoy was attacked when unknown attackers threw a hand grenade at the convoy of cars. The source added that the grenade hit the convoy and exploded: deads and injured were reported.


At the East of the country a bus filled with passengers was stopped and, after a preliminary examination, a huge quantity of weapons was discovered. Armament was sent from the town of Turf to the city of Tripoli.


A car of ratsthat was travelling from East to West was intercepted and found loaded of heavy weapons.

Two gang members killed in clashes between rats and loyal libyan people in the town of Al-Salloum on the border with Egypt.


Falcon battalion – Libyan Defenders – freed 32 Jamahiriyan prisoners, as well as honest people and members of the Resistance. As a result of the Resistance military operation, 7 rats were neutralized, while the rest fled, leaving their weapons in the hands of the Resistance.



Dr. Hamza Thami – a well known voice of the Resistance – in his last message reported that nothing can surprise the Green resistance. Libyan Liberation Army is aware of the importance of “zero-hour”. Therefore, operations are extremely thorough, and nothing can stop them.


To quote Him: “Resistance is prepared, and flashes will be coming soon and hard”. The voice of the Jamahiriya previously reported that will soon be announced that the Leadership of the Green Resistance will consist primarily of young people.




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Bani Walid Residents Hold Reporters For Fake Coverage of Sham Elections


Posted on July 11, 2012 by ryuzakero




Reporter-cameraman Abdelqadir Fassouk and cameraman Yusuf Badi, who work for the Misrata-based rat Tobacts TV station, disappeared on Saturday near Bani Walid, one of the Jamahiriya’s remaining strongholds where residents remain loyal to revolutionary leader Muammar Gaddafi.


They had been covering Libya’s sham elections for a 200-seat national assembly in the western town of Mizdah and were on their way back to their TV station when contact with them was lost.


They have been held since 7 July, the day of nationwide parliamentary elections which they had gone to cover in Bani Walid for Tobacts TV, a station based in Misrata, 100 km north of Bani Walid.


The July 7 elections were boycotted by the majority of Libyan people, with only the recent arrivals from overseas participating.

A quarter of the population have been displaced into other countries as refugees from the occupation regime, while tens of thousands remain imprisoned without charge nor trial, including the Head of State, General Secretary Dr Baghdadi Mahmoudi.

The trial of other high profile figures such as Buzeid Dorda are constantly postponed, and the Libyan regime now has the worst human rights record in the world. At least one hundred thousand Libyans died during the almost one-year long war against Africa’s most prosperous and stable nation, by the use of proxy terrorists and mercenaries supported by the U.S., Britain, France and E.U.


“We urge the people of Bani Walid to release the two journalists held as a sign of good intention or else the government will be forced to impose its authority,” the ruling occupation government’s National Transitional Council official spokesman Saleh Darhoub told reporters.


His choice of words was telling. He did not say “the people holding the journalists”, but he appealed to “the people of Bani Walid”, since the people of this central Libyan town remain loyal to the people’s power system that Libya enjoyed prior to the invasion last year and the imposition of the TNC/NTC/CNT regime.


Salem Qanan, a deputy of NTC Chairman “head rat” Mustafa Abdel Jalil, told Reuters the government would not be afraid to use force.


“By authority we mean police, army and all brigades that have joined the umbrella of the government’s security forces,” he said.

The stand-off underlines the tensions facing Libya nine months after the occupation of Libya and the imposition of a New World Order government.


Local media said the captors of the two reporters demanded the release of detainees in Misrata in return for freeing them. Thousands of innocent Libyans are being held incommunicado and suffer brutal torture in Misrata.


Libya’s Al-Assama television quoted Bani Walid military chief Salim Al-Waar as saying he would guarantee the reporters’ safety and return them to Misrata at some point in the future.


Militia fighters in Misrata had initially threatened to enter Bani Walid to forcibly liberate the two reporters. But Al-Assama quoted the local military chief in Misrata as saying he had ordered fighters to hold back from any such action for now.






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Gaddafi Loyalists Up In Arms


By Mel Frykberg






The scene of a bombing outside a hotel in Tripoli. Credit: Mel Frykberg/IPS.


TRIPOLI, Aug 14 2012 (IPS) - The security situation in Libya remains tense as violence by way of car bombings, political assassinations of high-ranking government and military officials, attacks on foreign diplomatic staff and NGOs, and young men sorting out minor disputes with AK-47s continues unabated.


IPS spoke with armed Gaddafi loyalists who vowed they will step up their fight. Government sources alternately claim the perpetrators are former President Muammar Gaddafi loyalists or Islamists bent on revenge.


This murky situation is further exacerbated by a clamp down on the dissemination of information in the local media, and Libyan security forces preventing foreign journalists from covering the scenes of attacks first-hand or taking pictures.


For the second Saturday in a row this reporter was woken by a car bomb exploding outside my hotel in downtown Tripoli, the second of its kind since Gaddafi’s death in October 2011.


A security vehicle belonging to members of the Libyan military staying at the Four Seasons hotel in Omar Al Mukhtar street was the target. The previous Saturday morning another car bomb went off outside the headquaters of Tripoli’s military police just down the road. One person was injured in the latter attack.


“We believe former supporters of Gaddafi are behind this attack and the attack last Saturday,” said a member of the security forces sitting in one of several security vehicles which rushed to the scene to cordon off the street.


“These Tahloob (Arabic for Gaddafi loyalists) are talking big, saying they will carry out a counter-revolution against the February 17 movement (when Libya’s revolution against Gaddafi began). They will only be able to carry out small acts of sabotage, nothing major,” one of the security men told IPS.


Shortly afterwards the information blackout began when heavily armed soldiers prevented pictures being taken, and said journalists were forbidden from the area. A Libyan interior ministry official refused to comment further.


Last week a number of Tahloob were killed when Libyan security forces raided a farm where loyalists were hiding out after they were said to have coordinated the car bombing outside the headquarters of Tripoli’s military police.


One of the members who survived was alleged to have set up sleeper cells in Libya and to have been criss-crossing Libya’s border with Tunisia from where he and several comrades were allegedly smuggling weapons into Libya to “destabilise the country post-Gaddafi”.


Libyan intelligence also allege the group were in possession of another seven bombs, one of them intended for another Tripoli hotel. Documents linking them with one of Gaddafi’s sons, Saadi, who is under house arrest in Niger, were also said to have been found on the survivor. Saadi warned earlier in the year that he was in contact with sleeper cells who were organising underground resistance.


IPS managed to get an exclusive interview with Gaddafi loyalists in the Abu Salim neighbourhood of Tripoli, one of the last bastions of Gaddafi supporters and scene of some of the fiercest fighting between loyalists and rebels during the revolution.

Shortly before Gaddafi was killed, Abu Salim was flooded with weapons in a last ditch attempt at resistance against the revolution.

“We are waiting for the right moment. We will not give up. If they (the new government) think we are a spent force they are mistaken,” Ahmed, who fought with Gaddafi’s forces and managed to escape from a rebel detention camp last year, told IPS.

Ahmed claims to have killed a number of rebels, and is now in hiding. He and the others interviewed would not consent to their last names being published nor their pictures being taken for obvious security reasons.


“Every man in this neighbourhood is armed but our guns are buried underground because the area is raided regularly by the security forces searching for weapons and wanted men,” Muntasser, another loyalist told IPS.


Meanwhile, during the last three weeks over two dozen high-ranking military or government officials have been assassinated in Benghazi. Many of the men were former Gaddafi loyalists who defected to the rebels after formerly serving in Gaddafi’s regime.

Some claim Islamist insurgents are behind the attacks, as Libyan weapons flood conflicts in neighbouring countries including the Sinai, Mali, Nigeria, and Syria where dozens of fighters have joined up with the Free Syrian Army.


In another incident, on Friday eight prisoners managed to escape Al Fornaj prison in Tripoli after a coordinated attack. Gunmen in pickup trucks outside the prison shot at security guards while prisoners inside set sections of the prison on fire and managed to overpower a number of guards within the prison. This was the third attack on the prison since the revolution, and it took the authorities many hours to re-establish control.


During the last few weeks, security buildings and hotels in Benghazi have been rocked by bomb attacks and attempted attacks. Foreign diplomatic staff and embassies have also been attacked or been the targets of attempted attacks. U.S. embassy staff in Tripoli escaped an attempted carjacking last week.


A grenade and rocket attack on the Misrata offices of the International Red Cross last week forced the evacuation of several ICRC buildings, and the organisation to temporarily suspend its work.


Kidnapping and abductions too continue, with the whereabouts of a delegation from the Iranian Red Crescent kidnapped in Benghazi several weeks ago still unknown. Minor street disputes regularly erupt into gun battles. On Thursday an AK47-wielding thug threatened to put a bullet in my head after I witnessed one out of control gunfight.



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19th August 2012


Two killed as twin explosions strike Tripoli – report



­Twin blasts rocked the Libyan capital of Tripoli on Sunday next to the Interior Ministry and near a women's police academy, Reuters reported. The explosion near the interior ministry, reportedly a car bomb, killed two. No casualty figures have been released for the police academy explosion.

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Two die in Libyan car bomb attacks


At least two people were killed when three car bombs exploded near interior ministry and security buildings in the Libyan capital today, the first lethal attack of its kind since Muammar Gaddafi's fall last year, security sources said.


Ambulances and fire fighters rushed to the scenes of the blasts and large numbers of police cordoned off the sites before starting to remove the charred vehicles.

The first bomb blew up near the interior ministry's administrative offices in Tripoli but caused no casualties, the sources said.


On arriving at the site of the explosion, police found another car bomb that had not blown up.


Minutes later, two car bombs exploded near the former headquarters of a women's police academy killing two people, both civilians, and wounding two.

The buildings targeted by the bombers are in residential areas at the heart of the capital, Tripoli.


The blasts took place early in the morning as worshippers prepared for mass morning prayers marking Eid al-Fitr, the Muslim celebration that marks the end of the fasting month Ramadan.


Sporadic violence has remained a problem in Libya despite the peaceful transfer of power to the new government after elections in July, the first in decades following the overthrow last year of Gaddafi after 42 years in power.


The International Committee of the Red Cross announced that it was suspending its activities in Benghazi, Libya's second biggest city, and Misrata after one of its compounds in Misrata was attacked with grenades and rockets.


The fate of seven Iranian relief workers, official guests of the Libyan Red Crescent Association, remains unknown almost three weeks after they were kidnapped by gunmen in the heart of Benghazi.

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The recent fake "elections" gave the pro-US neo-liberals the upper hand in the writing of the new "constitution," and has left the hard line Islamists more or less outside the loop. Needless to say, they are not going to take this situation lying down. Add into that the fact that Benghazi wants to be the capital of an autonomous East of the country, and have set up their own "assembly." You have ancient local blood-feuds between the tribes being played out now, in the political, legal and security vacuum. You also have the ungoing pogram against Black people, including thousands of Black families being held in inhuman conditions in ramshackle concentration camps, along with the huge numbers of political prisoners still being subjected to torture and murder. At the moment it is often difficult to know what ops are being carried out by whom, as this is a country that is literally tearing at the seams. However, it is clear that patriotic Libyans know that the vision of Muammar al-Gaddafi is the only one that can ever hope to hold Libya together as a single state. My own view is that after a long period of madness and bloodshed, Aisha al-Gaddafi will be allowed to run for president, and will win with a huge majority. It is my fear that the enemies of Libya may also be thinking this, and will do all in their power to murder her before that can happen.

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