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Communist Student Azzedine Eroussi is 70 Days on Hunger Strike in Moroccan Prison

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Save the life of Comrade Azzedine Eroussi - protest to Moroccan Embassy Now !


Morocco: Who Will Stop the Massacre?


This article first published in Partisan


At the time of this writing, political prisoner Azzedine Eroussi has already been on hunger strike in Morocco for over 70 days. A 22-year-old communist, Azzedine was sentenced for his support to the "basist" movement and his activity within the National Union of Moroccan Students (UNEM).


Arrested on 1 December at the Faculty of Taza, he has been repeatedly tortured and is now in imminent danger of death.


Four other activists joined him on hunger strike on January 23.


Dozens, potentially even hundreds, of other political prisoners, are currently in jail, where they face torture under the corrupt, iron fist regime of King Mohammed VI. Let us remember the martyr Saida Lamnabehi, who left us after 40 days of a hunger strike, and the martyrs Belhouari, Dourayedi and Chbada.


If nothing is done in the coming days, Azzedine Eroussi will suffer the same fate.


The Moroccan youth are ruthlessly repressed by a reactionary regime and a so-called "left" that supports the corrupt Prime Minister. The deadly crackdowns on protests and hunger strikes are happening under the watchful eye of the imperialist powers, whose "concern" for the Arab peoples stops where their interests prevail.


In a letter we received from Azzedine's family, we can read: "Our son has suffered all kinds of torture; they smashed his arms, fingers and feet after having undressed him... The few times we were allowed to the jail, the guards harrassed us and even prevented us to see him."


We must act immediately to save the life of Azzedine Eroussi! Call or write to the Embassy of Morocco






TEL 44 207 581 5001-4

FAX 44207 225 3862


E-MAIL: ambalondres@maec.gov.ma

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