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Korean Worker, who gave his life for his comrade, is buried with full honours of a Hero

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Pyongyang, March 1 (KCNA) -- The remains of Pak Thae Son, miner of workteam No. 5 of Yonggwang Pit of the Kumgol Mine of the Komdok Mining Complex, was buried at the Patriotic Martyrs Cemetery in the suburbs of Pyongyang with due ceremony on Thursday.


He laid down his life to save his colleague at a critical moment.


The dear respected Kim Jong Un highly appreciated his heroic deed and put him forward as the DPRK Hero to be known by the people around the country.


Attending the ceremony were officials concerned, officials of the Complex, miners, bereaved family members and relatives of the deceased.


The remains of the deceased were buried in the grave.


The participants placed a wreath and bunches of flowers at the grave of the martyr and observed a moment's silence in memory of the deceased.



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Pak Thae Son, who was a demobilized soldier, was head of a shift of the fifth mining work-team of the Yonggwang Pit, Kumgol Mine of the Komdok Mining Complex.


One day in January last Pak came out of the rest-room in the pit to make preparations for rock drilling before 08:00 a.m. when compressed air would come in.


The main thing in preparations for drilling was to let stones fall from the ceiling.


A miner Ji who was trying to take off small stones from the ceiling suddenly fell flat on his back, giving a shriek. At the same time something heavy fell plump.


After a moment the miner came to himself, finding a big rock of over 3 tons on the ground of the mining place.


The miner was rescued by Pak who had found the rock falling first and pushed out the miner with his body.


If he had stood back a step, he could remain alive. But he sacrificed himself for his revolutionary comrade.


Pak was a discharged soldier. He had served in the army for many years. He died at the age of 42 bequeathing 13 orders and medals, 9 of which were received during his military service.


He spent many days at the construction site of the Anbyon Youth Power Station. He was one of those who created the revolutionary soldier spirit amidst the high praise of leader Kim Jong Il.


Pak was discharged and started his work at the mine in November 1999. It was a great honor for him to belong to the fifth mining work-team of the Yonggwang Pit of the mine.


It was because Kim Jong Il had sent gifts to the members of the work-team on February 20, 1992 to congratulate their marriage.


Under his loving care the team was developed into a forceful unit.


That's why Pak worked in the work team till the last moments of his life.


As the members of the work-team remember, Pak had lived a distinct life.


He devoted himself to difficult jobs for his comrades.


More than ten years ago, he married a woman who was deformed a little. But he lived happily with her and became the father of two children.


   As he was one of the creators of the revolutionary soldier spirit, he could devote his all for other persons and also saved his revolutionary comrade in the crucial moment.


  He saved not only the life of a person, but defended the noble ethics of the Korean nation and the moral obligation of our society cultivated by Kim Jong Il.


  A true person has the start of his life, but not an end.


Informed of his feat, the dear respected leader Kim Jong Un sent a letter as follows:


"He was an admirable man.

Let us not forget his heroic behavior and work more on his behalf in order to make his worthy life for his comrades remain in our hearts forever."


February 1, 2012

Kim Jong Un





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