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Guest Scáthach

Apple's Operating Systems Are Malware

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Guest Scáthach

Malware means software designed to function in ways that mistreat or harm the user. (This does not include accidental errors.) This page explains how the software in Apple's computer products are malware.


Malware and nonfree software are two different issues. The difference between free software and nonfree software is in whether the users have control of the program or vice versa. It's not directly a question of what the program does when it runs. However, in practice nonfree software is often malware, because the developer's awareness that the users would be powerless to fix any malicious functionalities tempts the developer to impose some.




Apple Back Doors


Apple Censorship


Apple Pressuring


Proprietary companies can take advantage of their customers by imposing arbitrary limits to their use of the software. This section reports examples of hard sell and other unjust commercial tactics by Apple.


Apple Sabotage


The wrongs in this section are not precisely malware, since they do not involve making the program that runs in a way that hurts the user. But they are a lot like malware, since they are technical Apple actions that harm to the users of specific Apple software.


Apple Surveillance


Apple DRM


Apple Jails

  • iOS, the operating system of the Apple iThings, is a jail for users. That means it imposes censorship of application programs.

    Apple has used this power to censor all bitcoin apps for the iThings.

    Apple, in the iThings, pioneered the practice of general purpose computers that are jails, and the term comes from iThing users, who referred to escaping from the censorship as “jailbreaking.”

    Here is an article about the code signing that the iThings use to jail the user.

    Curiously, Apple is beginning to allow limited passage through the walls of the the iThing jail: users can now install apps built from source code, provided the source code is written in Swift. Users cannot do this freely because they are required to identify themselves. Here are details.

    While this is a crack in the prison walls, it is not big enough to mean that the iThings are no longer jails.

  • More examples of Apple's arbitrary and inconsistent censorship.


Apple Tyrants




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