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Alexandr Dugin breaks year of silence: "We are at a new impasse"

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Just a year and a half ago, the name of the professor at Moscow State University, the leader of the Eurasian Youth Union, the well-known philosopher and political scientist Alexander Dugin never left the front pages of newspapers and major Russian internet portals, and he and his policies were cited and referred to on television. A year and a half ago, Dugin was one of those in the front ranks who raised the flag of the Russian Spring and led people behind him.
The enemy hated him almost more than the local leaders of the uprising. The West repeatedly imposed sanctions on him and his disciples, and in doing so recognized his contribution to the fight against neo-Nazi Ukraine and American hegemony.
In line with his ideological and moral principles, Alexander Dugin couldn’t agree with the change of the Kremlin’s course. He no longer gave great interviews or appeared on TV screens, and he had is reasons for this. 
After nearly a year of silence, Alexander Gelyevich discussed the current results of the Russian Spring, the war in Syria, and the inevitability of a final battle in Donbass in an exclusive interview with “Novorossiya.”



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