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Guest Scáthach

When the slave woman gives birth to her Mistress

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Guest Scáthach

One of the signs of the last age stated by the Prophet Muhammad is that ‘You will see the slave woman giving birth to her mistress.’


Sheikh Imran Hosein brilliantly identifies this as modern surrogacy, where women from third world countries imprisoned in permanent poverty are forced to rent out their wombs to give birth to the children of people from wealthy first world countries.




How can the slave woman give birth to her mistress? In order to understand this sign and the first you have to have internal vision complimenting external vision. Imagine all of mankind aboard a ship. Because of Riba (usury), one part of mankind is traveling First Class, with permanent First Class Tickets. That’s what riba does. When an economy is based on riba, the rich will remain permanently rich and the poor will be imprisoned in permanent poverty. Wealth will no longer circulate through the economy. That’s the world today with their capitalist economy. The rich are now permanently rich and growing richer. The poor are now permanently poor and growing poorer and the number of poor is constantly expanding. This is riba.


One form of Riba is borrowing and lending money on interest. Allah , Most High, made it haraam; the Holy Prophet Muhammad ( s.a.w ) cursed all four and said they were all equally guilty. The one who takes riba - put money in fixed deposit, get interest. The one who gives riba- borrows on interest, for car, house college education or hajj and pays back interest on that loan. The one who records the transaction and the two witnesses. 


So all of mankind is aboard this ship and a small minority- 10 to 15 % of mankind travel first class in unprecedented luxury- clean drinking water; the best medical care that money can buy. Medical Care in the Last Age looks like, ‘If he didn’t take it in that hospital, he would have been dead.’ The rest of mankind are down there in the hold; suffering, in squalor, miserable existence, drinking polluted water, eating food laced with chemicals from genetically re-engineered seeds, drinking milk and eating meat laced with hormones. So this woman is down there in the hold. She is for all intents and purposes a slave woman. That is the woman the Holy Prophet Muhammad ( s.a.w ) speaks about.



If you play around with this function of difference, you are going to have a gigantic tragedy on your hands. The Age of Dajjal is the age when the last people to come out with Dajjal would be women and a man would have to return to his home and tie down his wife, sister and daughter to protect and preserve them from Dajjal. What is the heart and substance of the Feminist Revolution? That woman shall not be barred from embracing the functional role of men.  That woman should have the freedom to embrace the functional role of men. So, women are doing every thing that man are functionally equipped to do, in the army, navy, air force, police force and in the street building roads. What happens when the night wants to become day? First of all, women go out to work and then are employed full time outside the house. Not always is the office environment conducive to marital fidelity. When you go out to work, you got to dress and you are admired. There are some men, who have eyes and they see and when they are attracted they fear Allah , Most High, whilst others become sharks. So she gets bitten up there in the office and the divorce takes place. The Age of the Feminist Revolution is the age of the spectacular increase in the number of divorces. Yes! His and her hearts are broken when a divorce takes place but the ones who suffer the most are the children. Broken hearts and broken homes! There are millions of American children who are like that and the numbers are constantly increasing. What happens to these children? They grow up and embrace violence as an external expression of an internal rage in them. So you get guns in the schools, they embrace drugs as a means of escape from a reality which is too painful for them. Drugs consumed by children, who when they reach the age of puberty, become biologically different. They seek love that they didn’t get at home in the arms of another child. So a fourteen year old girl has already had two abortions.  They call that progress. That is not really the subject of our lecture.


You will find a slave women giving birth to her mistress. As the night attempts to become day, women assume the functional role of men and starts dressing like a man. She even has to talk like a man. She has to behave like a man in the office. In the process, she destroys her own femininity. Allah , Most High, describes femininity in the Holy Qur’aan. Musa ( a.s ) is at the well when he fled from Egypt and the two girls were there. They took the water and went home and the father of one of the girls asks her to go invite Musa ( a.s ) for a meal. This girl, who is really the night, Allah , Most High, describes her coming to meet Musa ( a.s ). Allah , Most High, describes her bashfulness- how shy she feels. How she is trailing her clothing behind her being at her wits end because she has to approach a man. The feminist revolution destroys the femininity of a woman- bashfulness is gone; shyness is gone and modesty disappearing. What happens when women begin to lose their femininity? The day is no longer attracted to the night what will happen? It’s not what will happen but what is already happening. The day will now mate with the day. So homosexuality and lesbianism is the necessary product of the feminist revolution. That has come to many parts of the world and is constantly increasing. But that is not our subject.


A slave women giving birth to her mistress! The slave woman is in the hold of the ship and another woman, who has embraced the feminist revolution, is traveling first class. As the night tries and become day, the night will no longer be truly night. So not only does a woman lose her femininity but she loses her fertility. So she cannot have a baby. Wherever the Feminist Revolution has taken root, fertility rates have declined.  So women go to clinics and spend huge sums of money to try and become pregnant because the womb is no longer fertile. There is a second reason for declining fertility rates, not only the Feminist Revolution and the struggle for women’s liberation but also the environmental pollution. The environmental pollution impacts upon men. Why are men losing hair and balding? Environmental Pollution! The biological body of a woman is far more fragile than that of man. The impact on her is greater but he also suffers. The Holy Prophet Muhammad ( s.a.w ) said that one of the signs of the Last Day is that, ‘One man will have to maintain 50 women.’ He didn’t say that one man will have to marry 50 women. Is there some mysterious change taking place in the sperm? Is it the genetically engineered food that we consume? So the number of male children being born declines as genetically reengineered food and environmental pollution increases until eventually one man will have to maintain 50 women. This environmental pollution (dhu’aa or smoke) in the Age of Dajjal is causing climatic change. It is also affecting female fertility.


 So she is traveling first class but she cannot have any babies. The slave woman in the hold of the ship has been to poor to embrace the feminist revolution so her womb is still fertile. The womb will now become a factory. She is impregnated and the baby is a future first class lady that the slave woman will carry to term. For nine months the slave lady will live like a queen, eating good food and drinking clean water. The Holy Prophet Muhammad ( s.a.w ) speaking 1400 years ago in answer to the angel told us that when the baby is born it goes first class and the mother remains a slave. So a slave woman has given birth to her mistress.   


There is Dajjal at work in Riba, in the feminist revolution and in environmental pollution. These five questions are telling us to embrace Islam and then live it full time with sincerity. The heart must turn to Allah, Most High. When you live Islam fulltime, then one day Allah, Most High, will put nur into your heart. Light! Which is not sold in the stock market?





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