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The Geopolitics of Scotland and Ireland vis a vie English hegemony

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The British geopolitical priorities, which were formulated over the years between King John and Winston Churchill, can be summed up as follows:


One – Maintain political control over the British/Irish mainland.  This prevents Scotland or Ireland being used as a base to invade England.  The Jacobite Rising of 1745 showed just what could be accomplished with even limited overseas support.


Two – Maintain sufficient naval forces to prevent a sudden descent on the British mainland by outside powers.  (One has to admire French persistence.  They probably hold the record for coming up with invasion plans for Britain.)  As long as we control the seas around Britain, we cannot be invaded and forced to surrender.  Furthermore, we must also keep the sea lanes from the outside world open to prevent starvation.


Three – Maintain a balance of power in Europe to prevent a single nation from taking control of the entire continent.





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