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Statue of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il unveiled in Pyongyang

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A tribute to two great patriots.


The Korean Resistance, led by Kim il Sung drove the Japanese imperialists into the sea, and liberated all of Korea - only to by subjected to a genocidal invasion from the Anglo-Saxon horde, where the US dropped more bombs on the Korean people than they had dropped on Nazi Germany. The imperialists partitioned Korea, and boasted that it would take the people of the DPRK one hundred years to rebuild after the devastation rained down on them. But, it did not take 100 years. With their bare hands, the Korean people have been building and building. And without selling themselves to the IMF or World Bank.


Kim Jong il took power at a very difficult time for Korea - the early 1990s. The USSR collapsed - a catastrophe which led to widespread hunger in Russia itself, in Cuba, and in Eastern Europe. There were crop failures in 1995 and 96, caused by devastating floods in Korea, which led to widespread hunger and disease. Such an event would have crippled most countries, and allowed the imperialists to take over. But, by the end of the 1990s, the government of the DPRK, led by Kim Jong il, had stabilized the situation, and put the DPRK on a secure basis of self sufficiency. Despite the constant hopes of the imperialist powers for more famines in the DPRK, there has been no major shortage of food there since the late 1990s. Kim Jong il, despite all, managed to maintain the strength of the Korean Peoples Army, and to keep the imperialist horde at bay, while building up the economy slowly but surely.


Again, despite the constant cynicism of the Western media, Kim il Sung and Kim Jong il are genuinely revered and held in the greatest affection by the Korean people as patriots. This statue is a fitting expression of that affection. The event ends with the playing of the Communist anthem, The Internationale.




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