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A Third of Japan's Workers are Temps on less than Irish minimum wage

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Japan is rated the richest country in the world, but one third of the workforce are working for less than the free state min wage, 8.65 euro an hour.  And even then those jobs are only temp jobs.  This is the reality of capitalism.  Even in the richest country on earth, huge sections of the population are excluded.  And things are getting much worse.  The current neo-liberal regime in Tokyo is planning to raise the level of temp workers up to 50% of the workforce.  In other words, over 50% of Japanese workers will never be able to own a home, get married and have children.  They are reduced to the level of drone bees in a hive - utterly dehumanized.  This is capitalism, and this is what is coming to Ireland.  Japan is usually about ten to fifteen years ahead of the rest of the capitalist world.





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An excellent article here on the increasing use \ abuse of temp workers in Ireland and elsewhere. It's interesting that during the debate on slavery in the USA before the civil war, they slave owners presented their case as a humanitarian one.  They said they treated their slaves far better than the Northern industrialists treated their workers.  And that was true. Now that industry is almost gone, and service industries have taken over, the so called "free" worker is treated even worse again.



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