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Petition to Stop Channel 4 Irish Holocaust "Comedy" nearly at 40,000

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It's just 170 signatures short of 40,000 now.  If you haven't signed it already please do, and share it on facebook etc.  This is important.  This series will be used as part of the Revisionist campaign to blame the Irish ourselves for the starvation.  How many times have we been told that we should have eaten fish, or that we were just eating spuds because we were too lazy and too drunk to grow anything else.  The makers of this "comedy" have already said they want to do Shameless during the "famine," i.e. a story about a drunken Irish father, who is too stupid and too selfish to look after his children.



Cuirígí bhur n-animeacha síos a chairde:




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Of course, it was not a famine, because famine means a shortage of food.  There was no shortage of food.  Hundreds of thousands of tons of food were being taken from Ireland, under armed British Army guard, all through the Holocaust. This also happened in Bengal in 1944, when the British Army took millions of tons of rice from the starving people to ship to the Middle East - where it wasn't even needed.


More on the Food Removal Regiments:



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