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"North Korean Defectors" are falling fast - Exposed as Liars and Criminals

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Shin Dong-Hyak met presidents and prime ministers and made millions of dollars on his best selling book and media appearances.  Only trouble - it was largely fiction, not fact.  After several people coming forward who knew him in the DPRK, he has had to retract much of what he said. 





Oh well, one liar exposed, the Western media can simply move on to the next liar. This young lady had the Liberal Lovvies in Dublin reaching for the Kleenex by the box load.  She told about the poverty of her family, her hunger, watching her mother being raped, having to bury her executed father herself.  Heart rending stuff.  Only trouble - it's all bollix.  She came from one of the most well off families in the DPRK, and now she works as an actress on a south Korean anti-DPRK propaganda show.  Her mother was never raped, and now lives in South Korea. The only reason life turned sour was that her father, a high official, was caught stealing from the people. But, turns out that he wasn't executed either, but managed to escape to China before the police came knocking on his door.



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Yes, that Yeonmi girl in fact keeps ringing her mother constantly asking "Is she North Korean" because she cannot believe the tales being told about her native country in the Occupied Korean press, or the ones she is told to make up. Also, she has been debunked as talking about the Arduous March horrors, which she is too young to remember. That Shin-Dong guy was pwned by KCNA.





I know they are both from the same channel but Maoist Rebel News is quite good and he was the only one who uploaded the documentary in full, that I could find.

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