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Happy Birthday Comrade Joseph Stalin

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Today would be the 135th birthday of one of the greatest leaders of all time, Joseph Stalin. Born December 21st, 1879.  It was during his wise leadership that the USSR lifted itself out of Third World poverty and weakness, and became a world superpower, inspiring hope in the hearts of the working class and fear in the hearts of the imperialist enemy. He was a man who ruled with an iron will, and some of the more trendy leftie types hate him for that.  But, the bottom line is that without that iron will, the USSR would never have come into existence in the first place, and would have been quickly defeated by bourgeois forces.  And let's not forget that Adolf Hitler was funded and armed by the European bourgeoisie, on the understanding that he would protect their ill-gotten gains from Communism. Yes, Comrade Stalin did some terrible things, but so have all real leaders.  It's easy to be perfect, when you are sitting comfortably in the West, enjoying bourgeois privilege, when you know that nothing you could ever say or do will make any difference to anybody.  When a Communist Party has taken power, it no longer has such luxury.  It must act, and act decisively.  It must constantly purge its ranks of weak and corrupted members - otherwise it becomes full of types like the doddering Gorbachev and the drunken criminal Yeltsin. While Stalin lived, the World Working Class marched in one direction, and in one direction only - Forward to Victory.





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