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Deprivation Fund gives grant of £350,000 to Private Golf Club

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You really couldn't make it up.  Fair play to Jim Allister for exposing this theft of public funds:


Jim Allister said:



“The Neighbourhood Renewal Fund exists, surely, to regenerate and help deprived areas, not to build facilities for private member golf clubs? Bad enough that at a time when the Executive is broke, £350,000 is directed to providing new facilities for a private members club, but, to discover that a member of that club was involved, as an official in the grant-aiding government department, in processing the application, then, there is even more to be explained by the minister about this project.


“The minister has confirmed to me that the official failed to declare his interest. But, what happens now, will discipline follow and what if it turns out the funding, which has already been paid out, should never have been granted? And, just how prevalent is it within funding departments that relevant declarations of interest are not being declared?”



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