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NATO Rat "Irish Anti-War Movement" still spreading CIA \ Mossad Propaganda

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Now this vile crew has moved on to Syria, and are parroting NATO propaganda against the Syrian state - with no condemnation of the role of the Western imperialists in funding and arming the death squads and lynch mobs. This statement is from their website of shame:





"20/12/2011 Syrian troops have attacked a northern town, killing at least 23 civilians, activists say. The activists said the town of Kfar Owaid in the northwestern province of Idlib was hit with heavy machine gun fire or shells. The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says 23 people were killed in the area, while another activist group, the Local Coordination Committees put the death toll at 25.


Both groups said people were wounded.


The northern province of Idlib has witnessed intense clashes between Syrian troops and army defectors in the past weeks. Yesterday, security forces killed up to 70 army defectors as they were deserting their military posts in Idlib near the Turkish border, activists said."





The "Syrian Observatory for Human Rights," is a largely discredited group, which has broken up into two factions, each claiming the other are liars and frauds. From Wikipedia:



Initial reports claimed that SOHR was run out of a two bedroom terraced home in Coventry by one man alone who would otherwise run a clothes shop; this gentleman's name was claimed to be Rami Abdulrahman (or Rami Abdul Rahman OR Rami Abdelrahman). [4] It is claimed now that he is in fact called Osama Ali Suleiman and he merely used the name Rami Abdulrahman, a pen-name that in fact all SOHR activists were initially using. [5] However there are some inconsistencies in the story as the initial Reuters report claimed Suleiman ran a clothes shop and does not mention he needs an interpreter, whereas the official SOHR site claims Suleiman is a satellite dish installation technician and downplays his English language skills to the extent that they believed he couldn't communicate with the English language media. Furthermore, whereas SOHR claim the name Rami Abdulrahman was given up by all activists after March 15 2011, Suleiman remained a volunteer activist using the name Rami Abdulrahman until August 2011. It is claimed that at this point he was able to wrest control of the then SOHR website ( www.syriahr.net ) by changing all the passwords and that he proceeded to make himself the chairman of SOHR. Although ignored by the remainder of his organisation, Suleiman was able to continue to garner support from friends, boosting his claims of chairmanship of SOHR. It is notable that Suleiman was seen months after his alleged ostracisation from the group and as recently as November 21 2011 in London, at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office following a meeting with William Hague, the British Foreign Minister. [6] This highlights the uncertainty that exists over who is controlling SOHR. On their new website ( syriahr.org ) SOHR claim that Suleiman and his friends are members of the Kurdistan Workers Party, and that they will be taking legal action against him.


The Abdulrahman issue has notable logical and political consequences. There cannot be two official SOHRs. Furthermore if they both decry each other as illegitimate then at least one cannot be genuine. Furthermore if Suleiman's group is not legitimate but is in talks with the UK government it negates the legitimacy of the so-called official SOHR. It also leads to great uncertainty about which group the mainstream media is in contact with and the legitimacy of these contacts especially as the reports filed by Suleiman have been labelled controversial and unverified by the official SOHR. Finally, the motives of the UK government are called in to question if Suleiman's group is truly a "single-man show" or he is a PKK activist.





As for the so called "Local Coordination Committees"



Within a few weeks of the beginning of the CIA-sponsored uprising in Syria, the Syrian government expelled most foreign journalists from the country and tightly controlled the activities of those that remained. Given the nature of the Western media - the propaganda arm of the empire builders - this was an understandable reaction. Unfortunately, the Syrian government seems to have underestimated the extent to which the CIA had infiltrated Syria.


With little or no direct access to events in Syria, most Western media reports rely on the claims of unnamed 'opposition activists' who, frankly, could be anyone, and an organisation calling itself the 'Local Coordination Committees of Syria' (LCC), which claims to be a "collection of local committees in towns and cities across Syria that meet, plan and organize events on the ground. Together the committees formed the Local Coordinating Committees of Syria, an umbrella organization with members from most cities and many smaller towns across Syria." Strangely enough, however, the web sites associated with this LCC are based in Germany and owned by a person named Andreas Bertsch.


In short, factual information about what is actually happening in Syria is extremely difficult to obtain, and, given that we are dealing with CIA-sponsored 'regime change', we have every reason to be suspicious of reports of Syrian police and soldiers indiscriminately killing Syrian civilians. We need only remember bogus, emotionally charged claims about 'babies in incubators' leading up to the first Iraq invasion, fabricated WMD claims leading up to the second, and, more recently, false statements that Gaddafi was 'bombing his own people'. Consider this short video report from RT.com for an example of the way in which reports of Syrian government's 'crack down' can be entirely fabricated.



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CIA bagman and "Irish Anti-War Movement" member, Madhi al-Harati (He carried hundreds of thousands of dollars through Ireland from the CIA to the Nato rats in Libya - how much of that CIA cash was for the IAWM?)





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Perhaps the anti-genocide solidarity group should start issuing statements, pointing out the dodgy sources that the IAWM are relying on. If these statements were sent to the IAWM, the more reasonable ones within it would at least have their eyes opened. At the very least they wouldn't be able to say they hadn't been told.

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Perhaps the anti-genocide solidarity group should start issuing statements, pointing out the dodgy sources that the IAWM are relying on. If these statements were sent to the IAWM, the more reasonable ones within it would at least have their eyes opened. At the very least they wouldn't be able to say they hadn't been told.


Thats a very good idea, a chara. The SWP seems to have handed over its policy making on the Middle East completely to the Muslim Brotherhood - a reactionary group which has had ties with Britain's MI6 since the 1930s. This group collaborated with MI6 in attempts to assassinate both Abdul Nasser and Muammar Gaddafi. The event that the Anti-Genocide group leafleted was a joint venture between the SWP \ IAWM and the Muslim Brotherhood.


The bottom line is that if the SWP reads from a Muslim Brotherhood hymn sheet, then it is reading off a hymn sheet ultimately written by MI6 \ CIA \ Mossad.


Here is an article on this shameful SWP \ Muslim Brotherhood alliance:




Which is quite ironic, given that the founder of the SWP, Tony Cliff, referred to the Muslim Brotherhood as fascists. Its seems that the SWP have not only turned their backs on Trotsky, but on Tony Cliff as well:



By Tony Cliff,


from Fourth International, Vol.7 No.9, September 1946



The British are… doing all in their power to foster the Moslem Brotherhood, a clerical-fascist organisation in Egypt, which is at present organising branches in Palestine. It was this organisation which succeeded to a certain extent in diverting the demonstrations against the Balfour Declaration which took place on 2 November 1945 in Cairo and Alexandria into attacks on the communal minorities, Christian and Jewish. Their success was only partial, as the Egyptian workers’ movement understood that the communal attacks constituted an assault upon it. The workers’ paper El Damir stated at that time: “It is very heartening that the workers were not dragged into the plots hatched against them to involve them in the attacks of 2 November, the day of the cursed Balfour Declaration… The Egyptian workers’ movement struggles against racial fanaticism and deprecates every movement fostered around it.”


The Moslem Brotherhood tried to erect separate committees of Moslem workers in various enterprises, but this failed owing to the unity, irrespective of community, displayed by the Egyptian workers. While the Moslem Brotherhood showed great activity on 2 November, it refused to participate on 21 February, 1946, “Evacuation Day” as this was a real anti-imperialist movement and not a communal one.


Slogans of solidarity among Moslem, Christian and Jewish workers were shouted throughout the demonstrations, and the fascist leader Ahmed Hussein, who tried to worm his way into the demonstration, was howled down and not allowed to speak. When the Workers’ and Students’ Committee called an anti-imperialist strike on 10 May of this year the Moslem Brotherhood declared its opposition. The strike took place, however, despite the opposition of the Brotherhood, the Egyptian Government and the Arab League.


The Egyptian government and the British imperialists do all in their power to nourish and strengthen the Moslem Brotherhood. Reuters publishes a Brotherhood declaration every Monday and Thursday. The announcement of John Kimche that the Brotherhood had half a million members was printed in all the local newspapers, although in reality they have a membership of not more than 10,000. At the same time all news about the Workers' and Students’Committee is systematically suppressed.

The Brotherhood issues a daily paper (whose financial sources it does not of course divulge), while the workers’ papers have been closed down. It arranges meetings and conferences; similar gatherings of the workers are banned. The radio station devotes a regular programme to it, and its delegates are given every assistance to visit the neighbouring Arab countries; the workers’ representatives are refused visas. The Stalinists’ habit of dragging after the “nationalists” was displayed in its ugliest form during the last few days.


While the Jewish Stalinists launch a struggle against the British White Paper and demand free immigration and settlement, one of their groups going so far as to join the world Zionist Organisation, the Arab Stalinists sing laudations to the Mufti. Thus, in an article entitled “The Grand Mufti,” the Arab Stalinist weekly, writes on 23 June 1946 in honour of the Mufti’s arrival in Egypt: “Our struggling nation honours those who sacrifice themselves. The Arab nation in Palestine has shown vitality and faithfulness to its interests and those who work for them. Arab Palestine from end to end celebrated the good news… Arab Palestine expressed its feelings in its celebrations and demonstrations for every man who it is sure served his country faithfully. In these expressions the nation provides us with a great lesson that it does not pay attention to words but honours deeds and glorifies and honours their doers. Our nation has proved that it has not forgotten nor will forget those who struggled, passed through trials and made sacrifices for their homeland.”


These praises of the Mufti were offered only a few months after the same paper wrote the following: “This great historical strike [the strike of government workers and employees] showed up British imperialism, and demonstrated that there is no difference between Arabs and Jews, showed who is the common enemy and pointed the way of struggle against this common enemy.” (21 April 1946.)


We should not be surprised if the spinelessness of the Arab Stalinists leads them to repeat their slogan of 1935–36, when they demanded that the government disarm the Jews. All the provocations of the Moslem Brotherhood did not succeed in sowing communal antagonisms in Egypt. And the last great strike in Palestine in April of this year in which 26,000 Arab and 6,000 Jewish workers participated, proved that despite the splitting propaganda of the Zionists and the feudal-bourgeois Arab leaders, there is a solid basis for the unity of the Palestinian toilers in defence of their vital interests.


In reply to the bloody imperialist provocations, constantly repeated, which cause tremendous suffering to Arab and Jewish masses alike, the struggle must be launched for the all-embracing unity of the trade unions in the Arab East countries irrespective of national or communal differences. The struggle must be launched for the establishment of a united trade union movement in Palestine; the existing differences between the wages of Arab and Jewish workers must be fought against; equal pay for equal work must be the slogan; municipal labour bureaus should be established to include all the workers; all boycotts against the products, agricultural or industrial, of another nation, must be abolished. The expropriation of the key sections of the economy from the hands of foreign capital, and the agrarian revolution — these are the fundamental conditions for the broad and all-sided development of the economies of the countries of the East, the raising of the material and cultural status of the masses, irrespective of nation or community, and the eradication of the barriers between them. Imperialism, source of communal provocation, must be rooted out and the struggle launched for liberation of the Middle East, in which all the minorities — Jews, Kurds, etc. — will be given wide autonomy in the regions inhabited by them, within the all embracing framework of the Republic of Workers and Peasants of the Arab East.


The British working class must fight for the evacuation of the British occupation army from the East. The overthrow of imperialism will put an end to the subjugation of the masses of the East and the trading in their blood. The English and American workers must demand, at the same time, the opening of the gates of their countries to the victims of fascism including the Jews; and must organise material assistance for the suffering European masses in general and those in the Displaced Persons’ Camps in particular.




Jerusalem, 8 July 1946



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