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Native Rat Barra McCrory gets four years extra for John Paul Wooden in a British Concentration Camp

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The Mark of Cain.


Native Rat Barra McCrory is Chief Persecutor in the occupied six counties of north-eastern Ireland.  He is the son PJ McCrory, who was a highly regarded lawyer who defended Irish people against British injustice. But this prodigal son has sold his soul to the highest bidder, and now persecutes the very Irish people his father defended.



The Rat McCrory argued with British "judges" that Irish citizen John Paul Wootton should serve a minimum of 18 years in a British concentration camp, up from 14 years.  Needless to say, the British bigots were more than happy to oblige.  Irish citizen Brendan McConville is to spend 25 years in the same British concentration camp (of course, we expect that Ireland will have become a Communist Republic by then, and the Rat McCrory will be enjoying the benefits of the re-education center we will so generously provide him with).  And what was their supposed "crime?"  A successful military operation in which the British occupation forces suffered one fatal casualty.  Of course, that is no crime, but the facts are that no evidence was ever presented in any court that would lead any objective person to conclude that either of these man had any part in the successful military operation.

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