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Martin McGuinness pays Tribute to his Queen

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Provisional Sinn Féin's Martin McGuinness has paid tribute to the Queen, saying that he likes her.


The former PIRA commander, who is now a Crown Minister, first met the Queen at a charity event in Belfast in 2012.


"I liked her courage in agreeing to meet with me; I liked the engagements that I've had with her," he said.


"There's nothing I have seen in my engagements with her that this is someone I should dislike - I like her."


Martin McGuinness and Peter Robinson showed the Queen around Crumlin Road jail in June

Mr McGuinness was speaking in a BBC Radio Ulster documentary that goes behind the scenes to explore how that historic handshake came about.


History in their Hands, presented by Mark Carruthers, is broadcast on BBC Radio Ulster at 13:05 on Sunday 12 October.


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I think we should look at what it means to "like" Queen Elizabeth II.  She is not just any charming old lady. When her forces burned little children in Iraq with white phosphorus, and poisoned their little bodies for generations to come with depleted uranium, she did not speak out.  Not even a hint of disapproval.  Far from it, she presented medals to many of the perpetrators.  Now, you might say that she is not mandated to speak out.  Well, that excuse didn't go down too well at Nuremberg.  At the end of the day, every human being has the choice to be part of evil, or to step away from it. 


In Libya, black people were locked in sheds and burned to death, they were hung in the market squares, and 40,000 of them were ethnically cleansed from the city of Tawergha alone. All made possible by the armed forces Queen Elizabeth is head off.  Meanwhile, the Royal Air Force, as in Iraq, dropped white phosphorus and depleted uranium on Libyan civilians, of all colours, and on the legitimate armed forces and authorities of the Libyan state.  We are told that the SAS were at the head of the gang who murdered over one hundred and fifty defenseless POWs in Sirte, including the injured Colonel Al Gaddafi.  Queen Elizabeth never once spoke out against the racist Holocaust that her forces were making possible - and inevitable.  She never once spoke out against the bombing of civilians.  She never once spoke out against the bombing of ordinary soldiers and police officers, who were doing their patriotic duty in protecting Libya against Al Qaeda terrorists.  We see what Libya is now. Far from speaking out, she awarded medals to the perpetrators of these war crimes.


Closer to home, Queen Elizabeth was very much part of the British ruling class effort to subvert the campaign for Scottish independence. She let Cameron know, in no uncertain terms, that he could not loose this referendum.  No doubt, she has made it clear to successive British prime ministers that Ireland is to be held for the Crown at all costs.


Now, McGuinness himself never had the courage to speak out against the racist Holocaust in Libya - though he was often glad of Libyan money in his pocket.  How quickly eaten bread is forgotten.  So, he can probably relate to Her Majesty's silence on these horrors. But, I think that Irish Republicans should be clear in our own minds what it means to like somebody. It does involve a certain respect for the one we like.  If McGuinness respects Queen Elizabeth, then he respects her silence and complicity with the slaughter of children and the lynching of black people, along with her determination to keep Ireland as an inheritance for her family.

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