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Cúchonnacht Ó Dálaigh

Rothschild Family Profited on the Genocide of the Irish People

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We have lately been told that one of the "senior bondholders" that the Irish People are being forced to bail out is the Rothschild family - the richest family on the planet.


But, I have recently discovered that the history of Rothschild profiteering on Irish misery is not a new one. The Rothschilds underwrote the loan for "famine relief" in Ireland.


Over the next while, I will seek to discover how much money this vile family made on the Holocaust of the Irish People. We already know that most of the "Irish Famine Loan", some 1.5 million pounds, was spent on "follies" which were of no use to the Irish people. And this was by design, as the English government, under no circumstances, wanted money to be used to promote industry in Ireland, that might rival English industry.

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