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Free Facilities for Learners on the Net

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There is a new website from Trinity College which allows you to type in a sentence in Irish and it will say the words you have typed in a totally natural voice - not the usual type of robot voice you get on answering machines etc. The Donegal pronunciation is used at present, but Connaught and Munster versions are on the way. This is a fantastic development for learners, as one of the most difficult aspects of learning Irish is working out how to pronounce the words you are reading.


step 1/ Type in the sentence in Irish


step 2/ Press the "Déan Síntéis" button


step 3/ Press the "Play mp3" button



The site is found at:



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Foclóirí maithe:


Useful dictionaries:














Agus dóibh siúd ar spéis leo Gaeilge na hAlban a fhoghlam:



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This is an Irish learners course, a word processor, a spell check, grammer check, pronunciation tuitor, electronic dictionary (English to Irish and Irish to English) and thesaurus. Its a bit expensive at 75 euro, but will certainly take a huge amount of the slog out of learning Irish. For example, one of the biggest problems learners have is looking up words in the dictionary when they are not in their nominative singular form. For example, if I look up "chait" meaning "of the cat" I will not find it in any paper dictionary's list of headwords. I have to know that the nominative singular is "cat" before I can even look the word up. This program will recognise the word in any of its forms and give you its translation. And it will correct your grammer and spelling as you type. I certainly wish this was about when I was learning Irish:



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