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Gaddafi 45 - The Brother Leader came to power in Libya 45 years ago today

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On this day, 45 years ago, Brother Leader Al Gaddafi took power, in a bloodless coup, from the corrupt British\US puppet king Idris. In 1969, Libya was the poorest country in Africa - despite oil having been found. But, the oil belonged to British and US oil companies. Al Gaddafi said the oil should belong to the people, and so began a period of spectacular progress in Libya, until it had soon become the richest and most socially progressive country in Africa, and one of the most progressive countries in the world. Now, tragically, it is back under the USA, and its people are terrorized by over 2,000 different criminal gangs fighting turf wars. The people are often without clean water and petrol shortages are common. Some parts of the country have been without electricity for over a year. Libya longs for its days of glory, peace and prosperity, when it was under the wise rule of the Brother Leader.





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