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Zionist Owned Hollywood Blacklists Penelope Cruz for signing letter of protest against Israeli genocide in Gaza

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I has long been said that Zionist elements pull the strings in the Hollywood film industry - and, indeed, through the banking system and the media, these Zionist elements control all of political and economic discourse in the USA.  But, it's rare that the Zionists are so blatant about their vile activities.  Several Hollywood producers have openly stated that Penelope Cruz won't be hired again, because she signed an open letter protesting at the genocidal invasion of Gaza.  Of course, Mel Gibson was also targeted by these same elements, when he made the Passion of the Christ, which, they believed, blamed the Jews for killing Jesus.  Well, that's what the book says.  Did they want Mel Gibson to change the Bible to give it a happy Hollywood ending? Besides, the Jews, in this case, are just standing in for all humanity.  There is no implication that anyone else would have done any differently - and the Romans certainly don't look too good in the film either. 


Jewish "comedian" Seth Rogan is bringing out a movie which fantasizes about murdering the leader of the DPRK, along with murdering a large number of KPA soldiers.  But, for some reason, Hollywood is very happy with inciting hatred against the Korean people, and practically calling for them to be murdered.  This in the context of the USA having already murdered over three million Koreans in the 1950s.  There was a Holocaust that Hollywood, and its Zionist owners, always deny - to the point of calling for it to be done all over again.


Anyway, you can read more on all of this below:




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