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SWP Member, Irish citizen, and CIA Spy, Madhi al-Harati, becomes Mayor of Tripoli

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Al-Harati was prominent in SWP circles while he lived in Ireland, steering the Trot group towards supporting the NATO rats in Libya and cheering on the destruction of the secular, Socialist, state.  Later, he told Gardaí that over 200,000 dollars had been stolen from his house.  He told the Gardaí that this was money the CIA gave him to channel to rebels in Libya. Blame was put on the Travellers for taking the money, but many of us thought a more likely explanation was that the SWP member had stolen the money himself and was looking for someone to put the blame on.  I wonder how much of that money was used to direct SWP policy? Later, Al Harati was reported to be trading arms to the cannibals in Syria.  Now he shows up in Libya again. No doubt, if he ever returns to Ireland, he will return to a heroes welcomes from the slavish Irish media.




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