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Cúchonnacht Ó Dálaigh

Canadian State Guilty of Genocide of Aboriginal Children

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Seems a bit far too me. But ya never know.


The bit about Lizzy and Philip does sound a bit farfetched. But the rest of it is certainly true. The abuse and murder of native children was par for the course, right up till the 1970s. Also in Australia, where the natives have managed to document this crime much better. It seems to have been even worse in Canada, where 50% of all children sent to these "schools" died. Given the fact that the Canadian government forced parents to hand over their children to these residential schools, the fact that they were sentencing half of them to death was a terrible crime, that the Canadian state will have to be forced to admit and pay hundreds of millions in compensation for.


We must also remember that the Genocide Convention lists the forced taking of children from an ethnic group as Genocide. This forced taking of children from native parents is still going on in Canada.

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