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Please keep our homebrew committee in mind if you are drinking out of any glass bottles.


Particuarly we are looking for 500ml or pint sized brown bottles. But we'll take 500ml green ones or any size brown ones. We can collect them anywhere in Dublin most weekends, and probably also anywhere in Laois, Carlow or Kildare. If you're attending a soviet event or an event where there is likely to be a soviet member present, we would of course appreciate you bringing them to us!


The brown ones are better at keeping out the light, although most of our beer hasn't lasted that long in the bottle to make much of a difference :D


And for those who are thinking about setting up their own homebrew operation, you do need to think about bottles from the start. Your beer may not be ready for two-three weeks after you start brewing, but you don't want to end up with a bucket of lovely beer ready to bottle, and no bottles!!


Local pubs can be grand, they won't give you Bulmers or Guinness bottles as these are returned, and costs the pub 30c/bottle if they're not. But Kopperberg, O'Haras, and Erdinger bottles are non-returnable and pub managers/owners will only be too happy to give them to you, or at least promise to do so.


One thing however is, that sometimes they will say they'll put them aside, but when it comes down to it, they get in the way, and they end up throwing them out. Unless you know someone personally in the bar, or unless you agree to call in on a regular basis, you might find that they're gone before you get back to them.

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Guest Connolly

I have about 25-30 300ml brown bulmers bottles. A good number are empty.


How do you re-cap them btw?

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