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Veteran Republican, Ivor Bell, 77, arrested and charged by British Occupation Forces

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The GFA is, once more, exposed for the sham it is.  Peace in Ireland?  Not as far as the Brits are concerned.  Croppy Lie Down is the Brit idea of peace in Ireland.  Ivor Bell, 77, who was a senior office in the Irish Republican Movement in the 1970s, was arrested at his home in Andersonstown on Tuesday.  He has been charged with aiding and abetting "murder" and membership of the IRA. He is expected to appear in court on Saturday.


Ivor Bell is due to appear in court on Saturday

Ivor Bell was part of an IRA delegation that held secret talks with the British government in London in 1972.


Among the delegation were Provisional Sinn Féin's Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness.  It is said that Bell was purged from the ranks of the IRA, in 1984, when he opposed Adams' plan for IRA surrender to the British Occupation Forces.

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