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E-Maili sent in protest to European Commissioner for research Máire Geoghegan-Quinn

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E-Mail sent by Páirtí Poblachtach Dearg

E-Mail Template to European Commissioner for research Máire Geoghegan-Quinn :
To the Commissioner
I am writing to you in protest against your continued financial support of Zionist Apartheid and the Genocide of the Palestinian people.
I reiterate the calls you have ignored from Unions and Academics in Ireland asking that you adhere to EU guidelines and immediately cease funding projects that are undertaken within Israeli Settlements in the Occupied West Bank and therefore should not be eligible for the funding that you continue to grant to them. 
I also request that your granting of funding applications to Irish Universities who are involved in researching and developing weaponry and materials for Israel is ended forthwith.
By allocating funding to projects which ultimately lead to further suffering for the Palestinian People and in doing so outside EU guidelines you are awarding Zionism, the genocide of the Palestinian people, with official EU and State recognition and support. 
You are also infringing upon the alleged neutrality of the Irish state, as an elected representative of the Irish state, you are actively contributing to the Israeli Defence Forces and their genocide in Palestine.
You need to stop. 
Is mise le meas



Páirtí Poblachtach Dearg


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