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Cumann Seain Mhic Eachaidh has reconstitute as a Marxist Party

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Part 1: General Programme

The Páirtí Poblachtach Dearg bases its guiding ideological principles on Socialist Republicanism and Revolutionary Marxism. 
P.P.D's immediate aim is to unite all anti-imperialist and socialist forces in a unitedfront against all imperialist influence in Ireland with the definitive goals of establishing national liberation and creating a revolutionary worker's state. 

P.P.D also holds high, proletarian internationalism. We support and look to establish unity with all oppressed people around the globe who are struggling to establish a communist society. Importantly, we do not determine our enemy based on their religion or nationality; we determine our enemies on the basis of their wealth, greed and exploitation of the working class.
The Socialism we propose includes everyone and is not a ruled by a tiny clique of people. It is a system under which the State will provide free healthcare and free education. In addition, everyone has a right to a home; and we call for all empty houses to be put under state control and given to the people who need them. Everyone also has a right to work and if the State cannot provide a job, then it should make sure the unemployed have a decent living.

Moreover, we believe all natural resources, major industries and banks should be nationalized and democratically controlled by the people. But such progress cannot occur under the present system because the ruling class uses the state as a weapon to keep power. A good example of this is the way the Free State government betrayed the people to support the banks, engaging in savage budget cuts, selling state-owned resources and property, and selling off our natural resources. 

Do not be deceived into thinking these were altruistic measures designed to help the people get through the recession. Quite the opposite: these methods were devised to ensure that the mistakes and greed of the ruling class would be paid for with the blood and the toil of the people. 

Likewise, do not be deceived into thinking that voting in a "more fairer government" will alleviate the problems of the working class. Such a concept is not possible as long as we are under parliamentary bodies comprised with members of the ruling class. To understand this, one only has to look at the "Celtic Tiger" years: There was plenty of wealth in the state. However, instead of putting the wealth towards creating a better healthcare system or providing a better social-housing scheme for the people, the government wasted a lot of the collateral, pumping it into projects that failed. 

In essence, we believe that for the betterment of the people of Ireland, as well as internationally, changes cannot occur through a reformist route. There is no reforming the capitalist system because it is inherently corrupt and fixed in such a way that a tiny percentage stand above society, reaping the benefits from the country’s natural resources and basking in the wealth that is created from the labor of the worker. 

Therefore, the only solution is to create a new, all-inclusive system under which every single person benefits and reaps the rewards of production and where everyone who so desires can take part in the government. Ultimately, the workers have to take over the means of production and exchange so they can be run democratically. This in turn, will bring an end to the ruling class and its system of exploitation and oppression. 

Part 2: The Party and Objectives

1. Name: Páirtí Poblachtach Dearg

2. Ideology: Socialist Republicanism and Revolutionary Marxism 

3. Aims and Objectives: The P.P.D aims to establish an anti-imperialist united front. Our objectives are to a) help the people overthrow capitalism and imperialist influence within the Free State government and aid with the struggle for national liberation against British imperialism in the occupied six counties. 

4. Ultimate Goals: The P.P.D strives to establish a 32-County Democratic Socialist Republic as well as a worldwide communist system. 

5. Support: The Party will promote proletarian internationalism and work to unite Marxist forces internationally.

Part 3: Duties and rights of members

1. Members must study Party documents and material. 

2. Members shall study and apply Marxism in practice.

3. Members shall defend and try to further develop the ideological and political basis of the Party. 

4. Members must follow Party line, programme, polices, directives and decisions. 

5. Everybody must be ready to participate and play a role in the class struggle; and they must be willing to work with other groups and people. 

6. Everybody must seek to establish a united front with all anti-imperialist and revolutionary forces in Ireland. 

7. Members will refrain from speaking slanderously against other Party members as well as against members of other solidarity groups.

8. Each member must subordinate his/her personal interests to the Party and the people. Members must fight for the interests of the people. 

9. All members must fight relentlessly with a proletarian class outlook against discrimination based on gender, nationality, religion, race and sexuality. 

10. Every member has the right to send criticism against any other Party member. 

11. Every member has the right to partake in Party discussions and contribute; everyone has an equal say. 

12. Every member has the right to stand for election in any of the Party positions.

13. Every member has both the right to vote members into positions and the right to recall. 

14. Every member voted into a position can be recalled if Party members collectively see the need to do so.

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