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Lugh Ildánach

Our First Soviet Stout!

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We have finally got round to brewing a Stout. It was bottled this weekend, and as it doesn't need to carbonate, it is ready to drink. It has a mild coffee-like taste to it with a nice bitterness. Some was sampled this afternoon by members of the Citizens Defence Committee, and it seemed to go down well. We'll putting on a new batch soon enough as I don't think its going to last long!!!!


We also have our first white wine bottled and ready to drink, Its a Chardonnay, and is as good a quality as a regular supermarket wine.


Our wheat beer has been bottled, but does need to wait to be carbonated, so won't be ready for drinking for a week or two. We'll be bottling our Pilsner and Apple-Pear Cider next week.


We now have the following available


- Dry Cider (only 3 bottles left!!!)

- Winter Beer (a bit like a Smithwicks, with a bit more flavour)

- Bitter (a slightly more bitter version of the winter beer)

- Stout

- White wine


The beers/cider are available to soviet members for 5 Euro for 6 500ml bottles or 9 330ml bottles (or an equivalent mix). The wine is 5 Euro for 2 bottles. You can of course pick and mix between the different varieties!

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Our Apple & Pear Cider is now bottled, and tasting particularly nice! We also bottled our Pilsner at the weekend.


Both added to our stock now, and there's some of all of the ones mentioned in the first post too!



We also purchased a Merlot/Shiraz kit and an alcoholic ginger ale kit, so we'll have some more red wine ready in about 2 weeks, and ginger ale in about 4!

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