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Korean Friendship Association - Public Meeting Sat 8th Feb Dublin

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KFA Ireland and Ireland Juche-Songun Ideas Study Group invites all genuine anti-imperialists to this public meeting, to discuss various topics related to the ongoing and heroic struggle of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea to maintain its sovereignty and Socialist form of society in the face of constant aggression from the imperialist force of the USA and its southern Korean lapdog régime. Speeches with discussions and questions will be held. Hot beverages and food will be provided. Meeting begins 2pm sharp at the Teacher's Club, Parnell Square, Dublin. Saturday, 8th Feb.




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Report on KFA Ireland Public Meeting, Dublin, Feb 8th, 2014.

A very enjoyable and useful public meeting was held today by KFA Ireland at the Teachers Club, Dublin. The proceedings opened with a minutes silence for the five million Korean victims of US imperialist genocide in the 1950s, and the millions more Koreans who have had their lives curtained, over the last several decades, due to Anglo-Zionist aggression and subversion. The Korean National Flag was raised in pride of place.

Then a message of solidarity from KFA United Kingdom to KFA Ireland was read out to the meeting. A general discussion was then held on the current situation of the DPRK and this was followed by a discussion on Peak Oil and its implications for the DPRK and the rest of the world. This discussion was very lively, with many excellent points made on scam operations like wind farms in Ireland and fracking, which led on to a discussion of the surveillance tactics deployed by the bourgeois states to police the era of Peak Oil, i.e. the era of austerity and mass unemployment. The discussion then focused on the implications of this new and austere form of society for Western Communism.

The meeting then decided to organise a cultural event in the near future to express the solidarity between Irish and Korean anti-imperialists, and to hold a meeting of the membership to elect officers and adopt a set of rules particular to the functioning of KFA Ireland. (Since the KFA is an international organisation, it has a single Constitution.) The meeting was then concluded with an invitation to those present to join the KFA - an invitation taken up by several of those present.

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