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Statement of Iranian Communist poet Khosrow Golsorkhi at his 1974 at the show trial which was televised live that sentenced him to die. Khosrow Golsorkhi was a dedicated activist on the communist left and opposed to the US-backed Shah. :

"In the glorious name of the people. I will defend myself in a court which I neither recognise its legality nor its legitimacy. As a Marxist my address is to the people and history. The more you attack me the more I pride myself, the further I am from you the closer I am to the people. The more your hatred for my beliefs, the stronger the kindness and support of the people. Even if you bury me—and you certainly will—people will make flags and songs from my corpse...Iranian society should know that I am here being tried and condemned to death purely for holding Marxist views. My crime is not conspiracy, nor an assassination but my views. In this court, in the presence of foreign journalists, I accuse the court, the fabricators of the dossier against me and against the irresponsible judges. I draw the attention of all human rights authorities, committees, and organisations to witness this stage managed farce, this state crime that is about to take place. The military court did not even give itself the trouble of reading my file. I am a Marxist-Leninist...and will shout my views, for which I die, in a loud voice: nowhere in the world, in countries like ours which are dependent to and dominated by neo-colonialism, can a truly national government exist unless a Marxist infrastructure is created in society".

Following his conviction, Golsorkhi embraced his codefendant Keramat Daneshian. His February 18 execution was shown live on television. Golsorkhi refused to be blindfolded.

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Anti-colonial Congolese nationalist and the first president of the Democratic Republic of the Congo Patrice Lumumba was murdered by counter-revolutionary mercenaries in the pay of US and Belgian imperialism, with British state collusion.  January 17, 1961.



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