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Auferstanden aus Ruinen - Nationalhymne der DDR

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One of the most beautiful national anthems of all time.  Risen from the Ruins.  I think it is also a wonderful hymn for all Communists, looking to the future.  We lost so much at the end of the 20th century, after so many centuries of struggle and building.  Today, everywhere we look, we see only ruins, famine, depression, hatred between peoples, and despair.   But, when we think of the miracle that the DDR achieved, from the ruins of WW2, we realise that our task is not impossible.


Because the DDR was the most successful Communist state, in many respects, including a brilliant collective agriculture and food processing industry, it was singled out for the most intense campaign of slander from NATO and the imperialist media. This is all the more reason why we should look behind the lies, and celebrate what was great about the DDR.


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