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Stalin: 1990 Documentary

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This documentary has all of the mental rot of the Gorbachev years, that would lead to the utter chaos of the Yeltsin collapse.  It takes a generally hostile view of Stalin, but it still has a lot of footage that is well worth seeing, and never gets to the level of hysterical nonsense that is par for the course on the likes of Disney's "History Channel."  There doesn't seem to be any really good documentary on Stalin, as the USSR, after his death, preferred to either simply denounce him, or just stay quiet about him, and, needless to say, the imperialist régimes have never had any reason to do anything but slander him.  This documentary is really one such slander - but with the complicity of just the kind of Soviet officials that Stalin put his boot on their necks.  It constantly contradicts itself - such as saying that by 1930 there were no Kulaks in the USSR.  But, in the next sentence saying that by destroying the Kulaks, Stalin was destroying the USSR's most successful farmers.  It says all the people in the prisons camps were innocent, and then goes on to say they were in there for opposing the socialist policies of the USSR.


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