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Did the Germans use Gas Chambers in WW2?

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It seems to me that the evidence for gas chambers in German concentration camps in WW2 is very scant.  There is no physical evidence for them.  We are left depending on eyewitness accounts.  Which is well and good, except that these accounts are very contradictory.


A first source of eyewitness accounts is German officers tried for war crimes.  Its clear that all of these men were tortured, and its clear that much of their testimony was written for them by Allied interrogators.  In the case of Rudolf Hoss, commander of the Auschwitz camp, one of the British team who interrogated him later boasted about how they tortured him for three days with axe handles, and kept telling him that his young son was going to be sent to the USSR to be tortured and shot.  Hoss' statements read like something out of George Orwell.  They would be quite laughable, where it not for the subject matter.  Other SS officers, once they had admitted to murdering millions of Jews in gas chambers got off with extremely lenient sentences - as little as two years.  So, I'd be a bit suspicious of those accounts also.


The other source of accounts is the victims of the concentration camps themselves.  The problem is that after WW2 there were numerous "eyewitnesses" to the gas chamber at Dachau and at every other concentration camp, so that at first it was accepted that every concentration camp had a gas chamber - over 20 camps.  Over time, scholarship dismissed all these claims - but not in Poland, where the authorities refused to allow an investigation. By the 1990s, when the Communist state fell, and the possibility of doing such an investigation emerged, nobody wanted to do it. Why?  Was it because by the 1990s, the whole Holocaust business had become so massive, and so profitable, that nobody in authority wanted to know the truth?


Another claim that is often made is that it would be impossible to kill so many people without gas chambers.  And yet, three million Red Army POWs died in German camps in just six months - from June 1941 till January 1942.  This is a kill rate that far exceeds anything claimed for the gas chambers.  The fact is that brutality, hunger and disease will kill far quicker than any gas chamber. 


I'm an agnostic on this question.  I don't see any real evidence for gas chambers, but I'm open to be convinced.  What do you all think?


I shouldn't need to say it, specially among the high quality posters on this site, but I'm not a Holocaust Denier or a Neo-Nazi.  There was certainly a Holocaust - but the question is: Were gas chambers part of it?

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The problem here is that National Socialism is an extremely attractive political philosophy for the average Western European. They don't like Capitalism, with its destruction of the family, the community and the nation, but, on the other hand, they are afraid of the collectivism and Materialism of Communism. National Socialism is a compromise. It protects the values of the family, community and nation, and introduces a high degree of collectivism, but, it protects private property and is quite comfortable with religion - as long as it toes the line.

The fear today, and this fear is shared by many Communists, is that if you admit that gas chambers never existed, then National Socialism ceases to be an unmentionable subject, and quite respectable, middle of the road people will start expressing National Socialist ideas in public - particularly as Capitalism collapses further.

I agree that this is a danger. But, in my view, the dangers of upholding a lie are far worse. When you do that, you rob the people of the facility of critical thinking. Indeed, this was the main reason that the USSR fell. Ordinary people were not able to see through the lies of the West and the lies and false promises of drunken criminals like Boris Yeltsin. They were unable to take to the streets to protect their factories, oil wells and mines from being stolen from them by Mafia gangsters, and they were unable to prevent ten years of life expectancy being robbed from them with the signing away of everything they had worked so had for, for seven decades before.

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Guest Scáthach

`International Forum Regulates Holocaust Denial`


The International Alliance for Holocaust remembrance (IHRA), comprised of 31 member states, the UN and UNESCO have accepted a universal definition of holocaust denial.


the newly accepted definition of a holocaust denier is anyone who doubts the number of Jews killed, who denies the existence of the gas chambers, as well as anyone who claims the Jews have brought on the holocaust intentionally, to serve their own ends, such as the establishment of the State of Israel, and also anyone who includes the 1939-1945 holocaust among other great tragedies in human history.




I cant believe this is real-life, you'd swear it was a parody of some sort

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