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Guest Scáthach

Shadowbans on Politics.ie

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Guest Scáthach

I recently made an account on Politics.ie, and in a poetry thread I posted a poem, which in fairness, was made solely for the purpose of trolling. Within 5 minutes when I refreshed the page it came up that my I.P. had been banned from the site.


I was at the time using a proxy so I simply switched to a different I.P., and I noted that my account had not been banned, nor had there been any announcement of my being banned; They had tried to block me from the site without letting on to anyone that they had done so.


To block someone and hide the fact that you did so? What a cowardly, underhand move.


This poem was of course a joke designed to rile up the resident hasbara shills. But the fact that criticizing a Jew in a whimsy poem earns a permanent I.P. ban, while there is currently a thread open on the same forum with hundreds of posts insulting muslims, says a lot.

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Guest Connolly

I got banned a number of years ago in a similar way. I called the then economic saviour, George Lee, an idiot, or something along those lines, and the next day when I signed in I couldnt. No warning, no indication on the profile that I was banned, nothing. At the time I was the moderator of the 'Radical Left' group, which I had built up to have the highest membership on the forum. Mr. Corcoran I dont think liked that. I never bothered creating another account. And I think its gone to hell, the membership seems to have become more rightist since.


The forum political world was started by those who were banned from p.ie.

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Guest Scáthach

I must be doing something wrong, I never managed to get myself banned from p.ie.  I even let Fodla borrow my account for a while, and he wasn't even banned using it, I'm beginning to suspect something lol


Heres the poem I posted, you can see why it ruffled a few feathers:


Alan Shatter weasel like,

scheming since a hook-nosed tyke

Counts his pennies day and night

Squeals if one rolls out of sight.

Promotes a thousand social ills,

for which you'll have to foot the bills.

Soon this sniveling whining scum

will beat his chest just like a drum

And cry about the loved ones lost,

In a myth he calls the Holocaust

Coarse and pushy,

Greedy and Trite...

Beware the Jewish Parasite!


Any suggestions on how i could make it more offensive :P ?

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