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Anti-War Demo in Support of Syria - Saturday August 31st - Dublin

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• For more than two years the Syrian people have resisted tens of thousand of armed terrorists sent from over twenty-three countries to destroy Syria’s secular, progressive and inclusive society.

• The failure of these militant groups to overthrow the Syrian government, or to make the Syrian people kneel, shows the resilience of the Syrian people and the legitimacy of the Syrian state, in the eyes of its own people.

• The US decision to give “lethal” aid to these death squads and to take a more open and direct role in the overthrow and destruction of Syria can only promise more hardship and grief for the Syrian people.

• USA already has its hands on Syria! It has so far spent more than a billion dollars in ‘non-lethal’ aid to the FSA gangs; the CIA itself has supervised the flow of arms into Syria from Libya, Qatar and Saudi Arabia; the US and its NATO allies provide logistical support and train and coordinate the terrorists from bases in Turkey and Jordan.

• The US policy of endless wars abroad, matched by increasing austerity at home, also promises more hardship for the American people, especially in conjunction with increased surveillance, police state measures, suppression of civil rights, and decay of civil infrastructure and services.

• It also raises the possibility of a drift towards all out war, and widespread disaster for people everywhere, as the US oligarchy tries to maintain its hegemony as the planet’s sole superpower, as envisaged by the neo-con “Project for a New American Century”.

• The governments of many countries are complicit in these plans, hosting US intelligence bases and US military forces; maintaining a “special relationship” with the USA at the expense of their own national independence, joining the expanded NATO, and the ‘Friends of Syria’ – a gang that plots Syria’s demise with a view to profiting from regime change.


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