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Gardaí to commemorate the RIC \ DMP thugs who murdered 1913 Lockout Martyrs

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Incredibly, the political editor of the Irish Times is calling for a national commemoration for the thuggish louts of the RIC \ DMP.  Just when you thought these Revisionist Rats couldn't stoop any further, they come up this this shameful proposal.


It seems the Gardaí have already arranged a religious service for these thugs, to be held next Saturday, 31st August - precisely 100 years from the very day that these scum murdered two strikers and beat hundreds of men, women and children off the streets of Dublin.


From the article:


"As historian of the Garda Conor Brady has pointed out, RIC men generally conducted themselves with forbearance and dignity in the face of the terror campaign directed against them by Collins. Their unwillingness to respond with the same level of ruthlessness prompted the British government to introduce the Black and Tans and Auxiliaries to wage a counter-terror campaign."



The full shame of this article can be witnessed here:







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