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Review: Learning From Iraq – A Final Report from the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction

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The first thing that strikes one about this 171 page report is its title: Learning from Iraq. What is being learned and for what purpose?  Surely the U.S. has no intention of doing all this again to another country? We soon learn that is precisely the intention. The report was released on March of 2013, and its author, Inspector General Stuart W. Bowen, along with the signatories of its Forward, General David H. Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan C. Crocker make no secret of the fact that the value they see in this report is the lessons learned from Iraq “as we seek to improve the way the United States plans, executes and oversees Stabilization and Reconstruction Operations”–reconstruction that we may assume will be made necessary by future U.S. bombing.


Full article:





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