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Lugh Ildánach

Anti Internment March, Belfast 9th August

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Can't find an official notice from the organisers (Anti-Internment League), but media reports, Loyalist counter-protests, pending Parades Commission determination all refer to the march on 9th August, leaving Ardoyne Avenue at 6pm on 9th August, going into city centre and then up the Falls Road to Andersonstown.




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Of course Loyalists consider anti-internment to be tantamount to "flaunting hatred".  Hatred of injustice should be flaunted!





A republican grouping would be “flaunting their hatred” by holding a parade through Belfast next month, the city’s deputy mayor has said.

The Anti Internment League has notified the Parades Commission of its intention to walk from the Ardoyne area of north Belfast to Royal Avenue before heading towards the west of the city. The grouping is made up largely of anti-peace process republicans including Republican Network for Unity and the 32 County Sovereignty Movement.

Belfast’s deputy lord mayor Christopher Stalford said it is “incumbent on everyone to behave in a manner that reduces tension” in the community.

“People will be left to draw the conclusion that the organisers of this event are determined to increase tension in the city and to damage community relations,” he said.

“I would urge them in the strongest possible terms to consider the impact that actions such as this would have upon the city and upon the wider community.

“The 32 County Sovereignty Movement and the Republican Network for Unity are political mouthpieces for the organisations that murdered [Constable] Stephen Carroll and prison officer David Black. People throughout the community united to condemn those savage murders and it is entirely unacceptable that those who justify such wicked murders would seek to flaunt their hatred through the centre of Belfast,” Councillor Stalford said.

Organisers claim up to 5,000 people will take part on Friday, August 9 to commemorate the introduction of internment in Northern Ireland in 1971. The Parades Commission will meet on Tuesday to consider whether to impose any restrictions on the size, make up, route taken or conduct of the marchers and eight bands involved.

At 6pm, the parade will move from Ardoyne Avenue towards the Oldpark Road and the New Lodge, then make its way into the city along North Queen Street and Donegall Avenue.

Once in the city centre, unless prevented from doing so by a Parades Commission determination, the parade will walk past the CastleCourt shopping centre in Royal Avenue and turn right into Castle Street, eventually reaching the Falls Roads.

It is due to finish in the Andersonstown area at around 9pm.

It is not yet known if loyalists will organise a counter-demonstration.

A total of 34 people had died in the violence since the beginning of the year when internment – through Operation Demetrius – was introduced by the government on August 9, 1971.


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There's been an increase in the whipping up of tensions by all shades of unionists and loyalists following them not getting past Ardoyne.


There is nothing contentious about this march. Even the DUP are struggling to find a reason to oppose it their main concern seems to be that its republicans. Their idea of  a shared future seems to be one where republicans and nationalists are not aloud to march their streets or commemorate out fallen comrades.


The PC barred SFs Tyrone Volunteers commemoration from passing through the 65% nationalist town of Castlederg, which has hosted 20 loyalist parades in 2013 so far.

While I don't support SF I think its a disgrace that unionists are currently trying to oppose any republicans and nationalists taking to the streets in their own areas and mixed areas.




Saying that its fantastic to see this march organised. Great to see the 1916 Societies, IRSP, RNU, 32s, and éirígí all involved in its organisation and that they will be marching under one banner!

I'm sure republicans won't be deterred by unionists whipping up tension or the three protests organised against it.



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Great to see this march in Belfast.  Internment is however a 32 county occurance, we can't forget the Special Criminal Court, the convictions on the word of a Superintendent, the impunity of the "public order unit" in dealing with any kind of protest or dissent, and the general lack of the rule of any kind of law when it comes to the comprador lackey southern militia that matches anything their northern counterparts get up to.

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