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Table of Wealth Distribution in the Free State - Says it all

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I would be interested in seeing a global table like this.  With so much wealth concentrated in the hands of such a small percentage, it is amazing that so many people with such a small portion of the world's wealth still feel some sort of loyalty to the current system.  If they could see that an equal share would actually increase their share of the wealth, this would be an important step in raising their consciousness of their true place in the world.


Although from a revolutionary point of view, this graph is not particularly encouraging.  Even the third most wealthy decile has nearly the 10% share that they would have under an equal distribution, which means based on this valuation of wealth alone that 3 out of 10 people have no interest in changing the system.  Even the next 2 deciles don't have a huge amount less than their equal share, and may well consider that it is not in their interests to risk what they have for a slightly increased share of the wealth.  That leaves only 50% of the population with any significant interest in fighting.  And that's before you factor in all the other things that mitigate against revolution.


This is probably as stable a wealth distribution that capitalism could produce, in that it gives just enough to just enough people to ensure that the system continues.

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Its even worse than that, because from the third decile on, people believe they have a stake in the status quo and are likely to direct their anger at the lowest two deciles, who they feel threaten their "privilege."


This is where national divisions, indeed nationalism itself, can falter in providing a revolutionary analysis for those living in the developed world.  Those on the bottom rung of the ladder nationally have an affinity with their fellow nationals rather than those globally who share their economic position.  This kind of wealth division needs to be seen squarely in an internationalist context.

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