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The Irish Times in Wonderland

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I haven't looked at the Irish Times for a while, and had almost forgotten the Halcyon landscape it creates for its sedate readers. In this Irish Times world, everybody is deeply concerned about the threat to democracy caused by the military coup in Egypt, everybody supports the Good Friday Agreement, everybody is proud of our maturity when faced with economic crisis, and, best of all, we have turned the corner, "the property market is awake." Praise be to our liberal, largely atheist, partly Protestant, God.

I sometimes wonder how a publication like the Irish Times manages to find enough literate people with this blinkered world view to be able to produce a newspaper every day. That's quite a feat. Of course, it has nothing to do with reality. Even a website like politics.ie is a far more accurate take on reality, with it wide assortment of the mad and the half-crazy.

But, I suppose reality is the last thing buyers of the Irish Times want. There must be a great calming effect to eating your egg in the morning, with a copy of the Irish Times before you. One could even imagine one was Winston Churchill - if only one had a Cuban cigar and a glass of Cognac, instead of Barry's tea.


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