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Sounds correct to me. The last point I important. In neither system where the working class in power. Both systems are lead by a ruling class who claim to work for the benefits of others. In the USSR it was them claiming to be for the working class. In the rest of world they usually claim to work for the middle class of a mix of middle and working class.

At the end of the day they serve their own interests first and foremost.

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In the USSR, if you didn't have work, the state would find work for you. At least in theory, the workers owned the USSR, so the workers owned the means of production.


But, I think this chart is missing the point.  The fact is that free market capitalism is not capable of building up a Third World country to the level of an industrial society.  People often mention South Korea as an exception to this rule, but that is not true.  The US state built up South Korea as a bulwark to the DPRK and China.  Even today, the state has massive control over the South Korean economy.

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