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Guest Scáthach

Peter Pan

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Guest Scáthach

Peter Pan may be one of the most tragic stories I've ever encountered. it's doubly tragic because all of the characters apart from Captain Hook seem to have no idea how sad the story really is.


Peter Pan is esssentially a horror story from the point of view of James Hook. He's been trapped in a world that combines the essential aspects of brute nature, childhood amorality and primitive savagery. He is in a world outside time, where days flow in no discernable sequence. He's reliving events where consistency and rules have less force than the dream logic of fairy tales. And despite this he is endlessly pursued by time itself, in the form of an antediluvian monster with a ticking clock in its belly, representing both mortality and the persistance of the past. Neverland is hell for him. His consequences are real and relvant and persistant. he has the lost hand to remind him that actions have consequences, and the drive to bring causality and consequence home to Peter before mortality and the past can engulf him are what makes him a tragic character, and to an extent a father figure to Peter.


Peter represents humanity in the stage of development both ontologically and phylogenetically where we hadn't grasped the concept of the past and the future at the intuitive level. Death isn't a permanent consequence to him because he lives in a place and in circumstances where causality and sequence as well as other natural laws are routinely violated. But that's only true for him. When the boys die, when the pirates and indians die, they don't come back, but they're replaced and to him, one is as good as another. He's able to feel, but unable to understand what he or others are feeling.


As an orphan, he has had no mother or father to lose and miss, and also to project into a cosmic caring and punishing being. His parent is the wild, and the wild is persistant. When tinkerbell dies, he finds he can barely remember her after a very short time. He is raw, animalistic ego.

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