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Alimamy Bakarr Sankoh: Speech to the Dublin Alternative G8 Conference

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Alimamy Bakarr Sankoh









Address: 53 Caritas Drive, Allentown, Freetown, Sierra Leone-West Africa

Email: hugochavezfoundation@gmail.com. Telephone Numbers: +232-88-423818/



Speech to the Dublin Alternative G8 Conference               Date: 17th June, 2013


Delivered By: Alimamy Bakarr Sankoh






Peace Comrades, and Friends,


I thank members of the Dublin Alternative G8 Committee for giving me the opportunity to speak to participants attending the Dublin Alternative G8 Conference 2013, experts and revolutionaries as well as those coming different parts of the world to contribute to the success of the Conference.


On behalf of myself, and on behalf members of the Hugo Chavez International Foundation for Peace, Friendship and Solidarity, I convey warm greetings to you all that have gathered in Dublin this year at the conscious invitation of the Dublin Alternative G8 Committee, to discuss issues that touch the life of every person on earth.


I commend the Dublin Alternative G8 Committee for their courage and timely response to the called of the oppressed humankind; and I am hearted by the attendance of so many progressive Organisations and individuals, and the expressions of solidarity from many other progressive Organisations that are not able to participate.


Inviting the International Executive Director of a credible Organization such as the Hugo Chavez International Foundation for Peace, Friendship and Solidarity, which is based in the world`s most robbed, psychologically traumatized and economically terrorized continent, Africa to this gathering is the greatest justice the Dublin Alternate G8 conference has done to humankind.


Once again, I say many thanks to the organizers of this conference and hope all discussions, views and ideas expressed during the event will yield the desired result.

Permit me now to contribute to the success of the Dublin Alternate G8 gathering my discussing on the topic: The new scramble for Africa”. For me I would prefer to rename as: “The Mad Scramble for Dehumanization of the African people”.


Africa`s underdevelopment is a long lasting crime of imperialism for centuries. Imperialism also dubbed as “extreme capitalism” is the roots, stem and branches of degradation and dehumanization of Africa and its people. The African people continue to suffer the pains, tribulations, agonies, brutality and traumas of imperialist powers, the imposition of brutal wars, aggressive foreign invasion and economic terrorism on the continent.


Colonialism on the African continent, you will agree with me manifested in two forms, and these include the ancient type of colonialism and the neo-colonialism which existed after the liberation Movement. Modern colonialism or colonialism in the 21st Century is the kind of economic and political influence of the big European powers over the new independent African states.


One cannot understand how, we, Africans can accept the assassination of our dignity, only to sit idle while the tearing apart of the continent between the big powers of colonialism and extreme capitalism. I do not know if we will say, as we said, “The Lord of the house will protect it”, or will we wait for the second coming of Christ to deliver Africa and the African people out of the obnoxious slavery, ruthless colonialism, bitter imperialism, degradation and dehumanization. I cannot tell how long the European colonial powers and American imperialism will end their parasitic mentality-driven agendas on African`s human and mineral wealth.


This only goes to remind us about the first scramble for Africa in the 19th century when the big European powers met in Berlin and many other European capitals decided to divide Africa among themselves. The scramble for Africa (referred also as the Race for Africa or Partition of Africa) was nothing but a heinous crime and crime against humanity whereby European powers arrogated unto themselves the ownership of African territory and therefore had the right to share what the Belgian King Leopard unabashedly could called ”this Beautiful African cake”. The big European powers, namely, Britain, France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Italy each carved their share of the African territory.


Now, the new type of scramble is the merciless rape of the African continent of its precious mineral wealth. So we have new clients like China, Russia, India, Qatar and Brazil who have added their thirst to that of the European power, for the mineral wealth of Africa, as well as for strategic advantage. The danger here is efforts by these contentious foreign warmongers and wealth looters to create a new kind of atmosphere of militarism as strategy to achieve their parasitic agendas.  


We witnessed for instance the role of NATO forces in the aggression and brutal invasion of Libya, as well as the assassination of the Libyan leader, Muammar Kaddafi. France current military intervention in Mali explains how desperate these criminal adventurers are to loot Africa’s wealth. The US also does not want to stay back without getting it own share of the African cake. So Washington took the queue by inventing the so-called New Partnership for Development (NEPAD) and imposed on the leaders of the continent, with well-wrapped fraudulent packages. NEPAD, you will agree gave birth to the establishment of the US African Command (AFRICOM) in 2007, in addition to economic and other heinous crimes.


AFRICOM as pictorially depicted by its actions and desired goals is far from being a counter-terrorism project or an attempt to safeguard US national interest as they want you and I to believe. The details of AFRICOM`s manipulative mechanisms are not explained here; suffice it to say that the colonial and imperialist-driven occupation military establishment aims also at countering the growing influence of China, Russia, India and other economic rivals in Africa. It is clear from the above explanation that, the desperate and wicked attempt to militarize the competition amongst the new and ancient powers has been to rob-off the continent of its massive and rich mineral wealth at the tears and sorrows of the African masses.


Now we have a bit more evidence to believe that the US and its Western European colonial allies are engaged in a bitter invasion and criminal war on the African soil, and are prepared to use all means, even to unleash the worst holocaust tragedy on the African people to achieve their long planned goals, with NATO military in the forefront. The US has also maintained an un-mandated and unwanted military bases in over 30 African countries, and has created a network of satellite states with leaders willing to pawn the dignity and freedom of current and future generation of Africans, for a life of opulence and immortality.

The urgency of this criminal campaign and brutal war in Africa started in 2011 when the masses of the Arab people fought back to liberate themselves from the stranglehold of their rotten leaders who are also subservient to US and European imperialism. The responses from the imperialist media and its audience in European and American cities to the events in Egypt and Tunisia for instance are well documented for historian to write home about. One thing is clear here, NATO was never deployed to Cairo or Tunisia, but when it came to Libya and the Libyan masses, the alliance was active alongside Al-Qaeda terrorists in the genocidal campaign in that country.


NATO`s military intervention in Libya, to say the least was not in the interest of that country and its people, neither Africa, but to establish what many political pundits say: “to effect regime change and to assassinate Muammar Khadafy”, something which is entirely at variance with international moral Laws as well as the Charter of the United Nations. Libya, you and I know was truly free and independent African country with its unique political system, and which was not a client to NATO or AFRICOM, and played a vital economic and political role in the formation and progress of the African union. The destruction of Libya, assassination of Muammar Khadafy and the mass killings of Africans in that country, by NATO and its allies have only one meaning “the unfortunate deterioration of progress on the continent”.


Now to Mali, where colonial France is leading a military campaign, following the bloody siege in Algeria. The pretext for the military intervention in Mali, we are told is intended to defeat terrorists insurgents, and to make governed ungovernable spaces. The arguments brought forward by British Prime Minister David Cameron and US Defence Secretary Leon Paneta, to justify their countries current military campaign on the African continent is far from the truth.


Mali is important because of the rich uranium it is endowed with. The country is very rich in other mineral resources, which are needed to develop the economy of Europe. So, we now understand France`s role in the military campaign in Mali. We can also understand why the deployment of US military personnel to build a permanent military base in Niger in order to use drone attacks against what the neo-cons in Washington call the terrorist suspects in that region of North-West Africa.


With the above, I can see a new cold war where the US and European partners are prepared to use a degree of violence, akin to the situation in Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine. The facade here is the war against terror, to intervene to support the indigenous people or the local people. Whilst in actual fact the whole game played by western powers is centered on guaranteeing their dominance, hegemony and access to resources in Africa. Here we call it not a mere theoretical neocolonialism, but a new division of power in Africa.

The difference between the ancient and modern scramble for Africa exists. The modern scramble for Africa in the 21st century manifests in the use of African military as agents to help the Western European powers and the US achieve their goals. The case of Mali is typical of this where these foreign powers do not intervene directly. They use the African military to intervene, while they provide funds and logistics support because they (African Military) could not do it alone and moreover, they need Western support in their national politics.


Secondly, there is just a kind of coordination between Western European powers and the US in order to share the African cake. It is a matter of individual partition of Africa, this part belongs to France, or the other to Britain, but in the same area they can have a kind of influence sharing. In other words, you have the US, France and British Administrations coordinating their efforts in order to guarantee or support their goals in Mali. This is what is going in Africa and this is why I do prefer, like others, to call it a new scramble for Africa, because it’s not a neocolonialism, but simply reminding us of the traditional case of colonialism or the partition of Africa.



the discussions of the new issue which we describe as a “New/Mad scramble for Africa” is unending after the imperialist masks have been unveiled. Osagyfor Dr. Kwame Nkrumah was correct to coin imperialism as the highest stage of capitalism. In Nkrumah`s analysis, imperialism demanded a new relationship with its colonies; that they were still colonies, except the formal ties had been dissolved between the blood seeking colonial state and the host nation so that a state could arise where before none had given expression. The aforementioned states were tiny states not because of their size, but that they were traumatized, ill-informed, not matured and ill-prepared to steer the affairs of `flag independence`.


After removing the lid from those lurking the Western European and US imperialist umbrella, we will now be discussing the issue away from the noise of the media that underestimates the African people. Thanks to the architect of the Bolivarian revolution of socialism of the 21st century, Commandant Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, the continental concept of a single great Latin America has been strengthened for Africa to follow.

On the rush by the foreign powers to exploit Africa’s oil, natural gas, platinum, uranium, gold and other strategic resources, is an indication to what many on-lookers would say imperialist disaster hanging over the skies of Africa. Commandant Hugo Chavez predicted this before. In a speech delivered to a gathering of African leaders of the African Union (AU) in the Gambia, 2006 Commandant Chavez predicted that the mushrooming of imperialism and the building of foreign military bases in Africa would prove disastrous for the continent. After seven years ago, today, unfortunately, Commandant Chavez has been vindicated.


The Hugo Chavez International Foundation for Peace, Friendship and Solidarity remains the true legacy of Commandant Hugo Chavez, the “Jesus Christ” of the 21st century who passed his life defending the right of the poor, the oppressed and marginalized people, with an open mind and unshakable faith and a thought that is not tarnished by doubts or suspicions. Since its inception in 2007, the Foundation has been critical of the US and other Western nation’s outdated policies and practices in Africa, while at the same time vigorously defending freedoms and democratic rights of people worldwide.

To you comrades, I want to reassure you all that “Commandant Chavez never dies”. This you can attest as the CITGO – Venezuelan heating oil program continues to provide heating oil to more than two million poor people in the US, particularly to thousands of families in the south Bronx, Boston, Washington and many other cities. The Venezuelan heating oil program began eight years ago in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and since then the program has provided over two hundred million gallons of oil at the value of more than four hundred million dollars (US $ 400,000,000). Besides Commandant Chavez left behind a commitment, through the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) to help African farmers to produce more for the attainment of the millennium goal of food security by the year 2015. I am happy to note here that President Nicholas Maduro has vowed to continue the good works started by Commandant Hugo Chavez.


Cash Snowden was right when he wrote: “what CIA controlled media never told about the so-called `Dictator` (anyone who stands in our way) they were tasked to murder for the international bankers and oil barons.” This is true and there is every reason to believe that the CIA and FBI (US) connived with reactionary elements to not only briefly overthrow Commandant Chavez, abolish the constitution and the National Assembly, but later assassinate the Venezuelan State Prosecutor, Danilo Anderson. He was killed by a car bomb in Caracas on November 18, 2004, while investigating those who were behind the coup. Giovani Jose Vasquez De Armas, a member of Colombia’s right wing paramilitary group called the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia, claims he was in charge of logistics for the plot to kill Danilo Anderson. Vasquez De Armas told the Attorney General’s office that those planning the killing, “all discussed the plan with the help of the FBI and CIA.”


“According to the Attorney General, Vasquez De Armas said that during a meeting in Darien, Panama, on September 4 and 6, 2003, an FBI Officer called ‘Pesquera’ and a CIA agent called ‘Morrinson,’ attended a meeting along with two of the plot’s alleged organizers, Patricia Poleo and Salvador Romani, as well as two of those who actually did the killing, Rolando and Otoniel Guevera,” writes Alessandro Parma. “An official from the Attorney General’s office, speaking on behalf of Vasquez De Armas, said that in Panama the FBI and the plotting Venezuelans agreed, ‘to take out Chavez and the Government.’ He said, ‘the meeting’s final objective was to kill President Chavez and the Attorney General.’”


In the wake of Commandant Hugo Chavez`s death at fifty-eight (58) years of age from a strange illness, many are still wondering today if he was actually killed. Was his illness contracted through natural causes, or was he deliberately infected with a carcinogenic agent?


We need not to wait for a soothsayer or scientist to prove what killed commandant Hugo Chavez. The writing on the wall is clear, Commandant Hugo Chavez was assassinated by those who wanted him out of the way, and these are no other than the neo-cons in Washington and Israeli dreaded secret service agents called “the MOSSADS”. Evidences abound to support my argument, and I am inviting the Obama Administration in Washington and the authorities in Tel-Aviv to prove me wrong.


The establishment of “plan Colombia” I was aimed at the destruction of the Bolivarian revolution and its leaders, including Commandant Hugo Chavez and other top officials of the Government of Venezuela, with neighboring Colombia serving as the staging and recruiting post. The failed coup in April 2002 to overthrow Commandant Chavez culminated into baptizing the spurious operation with the name: “Plan Colombia II”; designed to destabilize Venezuela and other Latin American and Caribbean nations that want preserve their nations` independence and sovereignty. No wonder after the clinical assassination of Commandant Hugo Chavez, the US still working assiduously with the terrorist establishment in Bogotá to kill President Nicholas Maduro and destabilize Venezuela. Kudos to the competent authorities in Caracas for the recent arrests of Colombian trained mercenaries hired to kill the Venezuelan leader.


At this juncture comrades, I would like to mention briefly Commandant Hugo Chavez’s biography without which this message is not complete. I will begin by saying that the achievement that set Commandant Chavez apart and which had made him subject of edifying posthumous commentaries, though undeniable solid were far from personal. They were solid altruistic achievements of a man whose life epitomized love and self-sacrifice.

Commandant Hugo Chavez was born on July 28th in the rural town of Sabaneta in the Western plains of Venezuela. He was the son of schoolteacher father and the second of six brothers. His mother (now 78) also was a schoolteacher who met her husband at the age of 16.


Commandant Hugo Chavez and his elder brother Adan grew up with their grandmother, Rosa Ines in a home with a dirt floor, mud walls and a roof made of palm fronds. He loved playing baseball and he joined the Venezuelan military at the age of 17. He was a paratroop commander.


Commandant Hugo Chavez ran for President in 1998, and at the age of 44, he became Venezuela`s youngest President. He was twice married and twice divorced. He had four wonderful children.


Despite smear attacks and dirty propaganda campaign in the corrupt media, against his leadership and illuminating personality, Commandant Hugo Chavez was a world historic figure whose legacy will continue to leave its hemispheric mark on the side of a “Bolivarian Revolution” that guarantees social and economic freedom. Such a commitment is all but titanic, because it involves a more equitable distribution of wealth.


It is true that we have lost Commandant Hugo Chavez, but he bequeathed to us his ten commandments to be followed and fulfilled in his absence, and these include:

  1. The creation of a TV station to bridge understanding and cultural values between the people of Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.


  1. The creation of a University of south to help train in jobs, the youths of Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.


  1. The establishment of a Bank of the South to be jointly owned by Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.


  1. The establishment of an Energy Project to be jointly owned by Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.


  1. The democratization of international instruments, particularly the United Nations, and working for harmonious relations in multicultural societies.


  1. Debt cancellation for the world`s poorest countries.


  1. Supporting peace, non-violence, security and worldwide disarmament, and promoting the peaceful and negotiated resolution of disputes; lobbying Governments worldwide to invest on people, against investing on guns.


  1. Good governance and sustainable use of natural resources to improve the living standards of people.


  1. Promoting and defending human rights, freedom, justice, dignity and equal treatment of people regardless of immoral considerations, such as sex, colour, race, language, religion or culture and,


  1. Sustainable use of the environment.

Commandant Hugo Chavez would ever be remembered for his courage, focus, boldness and unwavering desire to fight for justice, equity and fair play for his people. He remained one of those rare enigmas, the discussion of which can never be exhausted or cause to expire. The story of his life is actually a huge collection of stories. In death, Commandant Hugo Chavez is at once, a historical and iconic personage, an enigma and myth who bestrode his times like a colossus, and who responded to all emergent circumstances in his environment with typical candour and valour.


Venezuela`s history would not be complete without the role of Commandant Hugo Chavez. Rather than mourning his exit, the Venezuelan people should celebrate the fact that in his life, poverty gave way to emancipation, sovereignty, justice, freedom and dignity. Venezuelans should preserve Commandant Hugo Chavez`s legacy and continue the fight for national independence, justice, peace, and love for Venezuela, the Americas, Africa and the world. President Nicolas Maduro and Vice-President Jorge Arreaza are up to the task to improve upon the legacy of Commandant Hugo Chavez.


We have a duty, comrades, to do more to help Africa move forward and this is not possible, with imperialism. The Hugo Chavez International Foundation for Peace, Friendship and Solidarity is already in the lead to provide solutions to one of Africa`s crisis, hunger and starvation. We have already launched a farming program, dubbed:


“Operation Till the Land and Feed the People”, designed to feed at least forty-five million (45,000,000) Africans by the close of 2015, and help the advancement of the continent.

This, we, at the Foundation cannot do it alone without your conscious support. You can be a party to the solution by donating to the Foundation`s activities. You can donate farm seeds, farm machines and working tools, fertilizers, insecticides, trucks, motorcycles, fish farming equipment and materials, and even computers, used or new. The success of the program would depend upon the kind of support you are ready, willing and able to provide.


Concluding Comrades,

I want to assure you again that, we at the Hugo Chavez International Foundation for Peace, Friendship and Solidarity are with you, our noble friends in peace and humanity, on the extent of the global village with our hearts that are part of your hearts, and with your minds that occupy special place in our minds and with our hands that are one with your hands and with our unflinched friendship and solidarity that cannot be shakened by the strong winds, no matter how much they blow and roar. We are not and will not be deterred by the barking no matter how much it may last.


As always Comrades, Count our unflinched solidarity.




Alimamy Bakarr Sankoh

International Executive Director

Hugo Chavez International Foundation for Peace, Friendship and Solidarity.

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