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RSF held successful protest on Falls Road

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On Friday, June 14, Republican Sinn Féin held a very successful White Line Picket in support of political hostage Martin Corey on the Falls Road in Belfast. The picket started at 12noon when activists lined up on the Falls Road in West-Belfast near Dunville Park.
Despite rainy weather conditions and the change of the assemble time for the picket due to a last minute change of the venue for the Irish Anti-imperialist Forum, dozens of activists demanded the release of political hostage Martin Corey and showed their support for the Republican Prisoners in Maghaberry jail. Among those taking part in the picket were activists of the Greater Ardoyne Residents Collective, RSF President Des Dalton and former Republican POW and RSF General Secretary Josephine Hayden.
The picket lasted until 1pm. In these 60 minutes hundreds of leaflets informing about the case of Martin Corey were distributed to passers-by.
The online magazine TheDetail.tv quoted a RUC/PSNI report saying “the largest protest that day was organized by Republican Sinn Fein (RSF), with 30 people taking part in a picket on the Falls Road.” The RUC/PSNI posting stated that the protest included “10/15 foreign nationals as well as local figures”.
While the number of 30 taking part in the picket is definitely underestimated, the attendance can be described as more than 50 protesters, the number of “10/15 foreign nationals” means, RUC/PSNI describes those republican activists travelling from the 26 Counties as “foreign nationals”. Indeed, there were no more than 5 international delegates to the IAF2013 presented at the White Line Picket on Friday, June 14.
The White Line Picket on the Falls Road was the start of a successful IAF2013. Members and activists of Republican Sinn Féin took part in a number of protests against the G8 over the weekend. A group of RSF activists attended the Trade Union march in Belfast City Centre on Saturday afternoon. RSF International PRO Dieter Blumenfeld addressed the Dublin Alternative G8 on Monday and on Tuesday, June 18, a contingent of RSF joined a march against the G8 to the US-American Chamber of Commerce in Dublin.


Pictures: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.518231291557704.1073741833.312436515470517&type=1


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