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Blueshirt Zionist, Alan Shatter, disgraces himself and suffers humiliating defeat at Ó Brádaigh Funeral

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Once again, the Blueshirt Zionist, Alan Shatter, comes away disgraced and defeated.  It was incredible to see a gang of ERU thugs taking up position at the mouth of Ruairí's grave.  They thought to hem in the funeral proceedings and make the mourners peak past them to see both priest and speaker.  It was even more incredible to see the mourners, young and old, without command or discussion, descend on this paltry gang like the great waves of the ocean, and lift the violent crew, like so much trash, before them.  The ERU gang would have been pushed across the cemetery wall and out onto the road, if it wasn't for the riot squad running, in panic, to their rescue.  The mourners linked arms and stopped the advance of the riot squad - holding all the ground won.  Instead of the funeral being hemmed in, it was the ERU gang and the riot squad that found themselves hemmed out and excluded, with the mourners still linking arms and backs turned in contempt towards the free state lackys, and in respect towards Ruairí Ó Brádaigh.  Indeed, I would go so far as to thank Alan Shatter for, once again, demonstrating the weakness of the lackey free state and its mercenary gangs before the power of the risen people.  No better tribute could be paid to Ruairí Ó Brádaigh.

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Yesterday, I awoke like many others to a sun lit shimmering sky, its vibrancy fluctuating with anticipation, between lofty white clouds.

As I prepared for the day, I adorned my traditional republican attire of black and white, befitting, I pondered, as I straightened my tie in the mirror, to bid a final adieu to a legendary republican.

Outside the church we waited for the bell chimes to signal the start of the proceedings. There was a certain ambiance lofting amid the blistering heat, people of all ages chatted amongst each other, their softly murmurs delicately reverberating off the chapel walls.

Inside the chapel, heads bowed and hands clasped. The resonant chants of a man rang through, as the priest spoke with the tongue of our ancient language that echoed among the illuminated, stained glass walls.

As the proceedings came to an end, we again found ourselves outside in the sweltering heat, waiting for our dear patron to embark on one last journey through the heartland of his home town.

But the dominating heat we endured that day was overbearing in more than one way.

Never in my mind did I think that such extreme forces of coercion at a funeral, perpetrated by the armed forces of the State could have ever
manifested, in such a fashion.

The irrational behaviour of degenerate gun toting thugs, striding around freely as they impertinently mingled with the congregation, and sought to agitate and cause as much distress as possible, was a truly vile and wicked display of authoritarian State repression and injustice.

As we disembarked from the chapel grounds, scores of people followed slowly behind the coffin, flanked on either side by a guard of honour, and led by a lone piper lamenting airs of resistance that were carried for miles around by the hot blustering breeze.

Upon arriving at the graveyard, the tyrannical police force yet again displayed another abuse of authority. Family members where nearly thrust into the open grave by the armed ERU, who by that stage, had provoked some of the crowd into mobilising, gradually forcing the armed police to the outskirts of the graveyard, and creating the space needed for people to mourn.

The armed police force is based on the fear of a seemingly omnipotent Free State oligarchy, whose impious actions that day, certainly left a lasting mark on me and the crowd, one that will not be washed away so easily by falsified news reports, or forgotten so quickly!

As the main orations came to a conclusion, Ruairí Ó Brádaigh, that noble passionate man, the man who lived a simple life and was never bought off by riches, was finally laid to rest by his family, friends and comrades.

To say I was pleased to have taken part in the sending off of a true republican would be somewhat of an understatement. It was an honour, not only to have been there, but also to have been there among my own stock, of republicans, socialists, revolutionaries; the working class!

Rest in Peace Ruairí Ó Brádaigh.

~ Nico



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