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Turf Institute Opens in DPRK - Beidh siad ag baint na móna sa DPRK.

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Pyongyang, May 23 (KCNA) -- The Turf Institute under the Bioengineering Branch of the DPRK State Academy of Sciences has been recently built on the outskirts of Pyongyang. The Institute, staffed with talented biologists, has research facilities for breeding, cultivation, gene pool, tissue culture, biochemistry, vegetative physiology, blight and scientific information, laboratory and analysis rooms. Also with an open-air experimental field and greenhouse, it boasts of up-to-date equipment. According to Director Choe Yun Su, the construction of the Institute was proposed by respected Marshal Kim Jong Un, who visited it early this month, being very pleased to see the green-tiled outer wall and roof. The Institute is now making the research into cultivation of new kinds of turf which remain green all the year round, strong in resistance to cold and treading and high in ornamental effect. Its efforts are also focused on acclimatizing various species of turf from other countries to the climatic and soil conditions of Korea and spreading them to various parts of the country. When learning about the growth of turf at the institute, Kim Jong Un called for conducting research into species suited to the areas distinct in four seasons and different in climatic conditions. And he noted that it would be good to set up branches of the institute in the eastern, western and central regions. Recalling this fact, the director said that his institute would fully discharge its duty as the country's turf research centre.



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